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Property Owners Association Seeks Over $20K from Clary Couple

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Perhaps you knew the Hickory Hills Property Owners Association filed a foreclosure suit against Steve and Cindy Clary.

That suit seeks to recover $20,544 the Clarys allegedly owe in past-due quarterly POA payments, dating back two years.

Did you know the neighborhood POA is fourth in line among creditors with claims on the 6,300-SF residence? According to real estate records, two banks and some Oklahoma investors stand in the first three positions:

  • U.S. Bank of Cincinnati, $648,000 owed on a July 2001 mortgage in the original amount of $750,000.
  • Centennial Bank of Conway, $350,000 stemming from a July 2007 mortgage claim.
  • Waterford Investors LLC of Oklaho-ma City, $1 million tied to an August 2009 mortgage claim, part of a $6.02 million judgment in Oklahoma County District Court against Steve Clary.

The Pulaski County tax rolls indicate the property is worth about $980,000.

The house is no longer part of the Clarys’ Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and the POA action could force one of the lenders to file its own foreclosure suit to protect its position.

If that occurs, a lender-turned-owner would become financially responsible for the POA dues.

The POA is pushing the foreclosure button over a basic premise: If you can’t afford your POA dues, you can’t afford to live in Hickory Hills.

Clary still awaits sentencing after pleading guilty on Feb. 7 to one count of mail fraud, part of a plea deal for defrauding a Bank of America affiliate of $1.6 million.

U.S. District Judge Leon Holmes had not set a sentencing date as of last week.

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