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Quapaw House CEO Faces $1.2M JudgmentLock Icon

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The former CEO of Quapaw House Inc., the troubled Hot Springs drug and alcohol treatment provider that is no longer operating, recently was hit with a $1.2 million default judgment.

If you recall, Casey Bright was named as one of the defendants in a lawsuit filed by Malvern National Bank, which alleged last year that Quapaw House defaulted on loans.

Bright was served with the complaint in July but never bothered to file an answer, according to a filing by one of MNB’s attorneys, Adrienne L. Baker of Wright Lindsey Jennings in Little Rock.

Since Bright didn’t answer the allegations, he has “admitted the factual allegations contained in the amended complaint,” the filing said.

Garland County Circuit Judge Lynn Williams agreed. In his order filed in November, Williams said that Bright submitted unaudited financial statements to the bank that overstated Quapaw House’s accounts receivable by about $2 million.

Had Bright used the Quapaw House’s real numbers, the bank would have said no to the loans. Bright also failed to mention to the bank that Quapaw House owed about $2 million to the IRS, according to the filing. Williams said in the order that the loans remain unpaid and ordered the judgment against Bright.

Bright did not immediately return a text message for comment.

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