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Ritter Communications Invests in Onboard Training

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Helping new employees fit in is considered the starting point of training, according to Leha Pemberton, director of training and development at Ritter Communications in Jonesboro.

“If someone hasn’t assimilated into your culture, it doesn’t matter what kind of training you give them,” Pemberton said. “You want people to be excited about coming to work. You want people to feel like they belong. It lays the foundation for training.”

The company has augmented its employee development with the unveiling of a formal onboarding program. Unlike a one-time orientation, the organizational socialization process of onboarding is ongoing.

The program is geared to help new employees acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders.

“That’s our first step for employees walking through the door, getting them acclimated to our culture so they can be successful,” Pemberton said.

The fruits of onboarding are higher job satisfaction, organizational commitment, lower turnover, higher performance levels, career effectiveness and lowered stress.

Training sessions supported by job-specific curriculum are part of the onboarding experience at Ritter Communications and its parent company, E. Ritter & Co.

The fifth-generation, family-owned business is home to 130 unique positions filled by more than 300 full-time employees who work in 26 different departments.

“We have a lot of employees who start in one position, and end up moving to a different one,” Pemberton said.

“We pride ourselves on making internal job opportunities available to our workforce. If there is a skills gap, we will provide additional training on-site.”

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