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Riverdale Industrial Tops $7.6 Million Mark (Real Deals)

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A 69,609-SF industrial flex building in the Riverdale area of Little Rock weighed in at $7.61 million.

Dake OK LLC, led by Merritt Dake, bought the northern end of the 2201 Brookwood Drive project and a 0.87-acre parcel across the street.

The seller is Riverdale Management Group LLC, an affiliate of Little Rock’s Stephens Group.

The deal is financed with a 25-year loan of $2.5 million from OakStar Bank of Springfield, Missouri.

The 5.02-acre warehouse development was purchased for $1.8 million in January 1985 from Riverdale Warehouse Joint Venture, led by Randall Woodruff, Ed Willis and Dan Robinson.

The parcel was acquired for $150,000 in October 1998 from Rebsamen Insurance Inc., led by William Stringfellow.

Multifamily Sale

A 12-unit apartment property in Little Rock changed hands in a $770,000 deal.

G2ZD2 Holdings LLC, led by Grant Gordy and Zachary Dixon, purchased the 5919 W. 19th St. project from JNX Holdings LLC of Ocean Shores, Washington.

The deal is backed with a two-year loan of $905,000 from First Service Bank of Greenbrier.

JNX Holdings bought the 0.56-acre development for $680,000 in March 2018 from J. Hoffman Properties LLC, led by Brian Teeter.

Commercial Site

A 6.52-acre parcel in North Little Rock rang up a $325,000 sale.

Clifton Family LLLP and Clifton Warehouse Leasing LLC, both led by Norman Clifton, acquired the land at the southeast corner of Interstate 440 and U.S. 165. The seller is I-40 Kerr LLC, led by Byron McKimmey.

I-40 Kerr purchased the land for $150,000 in November 2021 from Rita and Henry Hall, Chad and Cortney Golden, John Ott II and his wife, Anita, and Ira Golden II and his wife, Chasey.

Down on Main Street

A 6,948-SF building in downtown Little Rock drew a $300,000 transaction.

DOP Properties LLC, led by Floyd Stice, bought the 811 Main St. project from Ally Jade Investments Inc., led by Samuel Carrasquillo.

The deal is funded with a one-year loan of $942,000 from Stone Bank of Mountain View.

Ally Jade acquired the 0.16-acre development for $235,000 in February 2017 from Fletcher Realty LLC, led by Frank Fletcher.

Clinical Buy

A 2,900-SF veterinarian clinic in south Little Rock sold for $275,000.

New SK Real Estate Holdings LLC, led by Ghulam Kaleel, Mohammad Siddiqui and Khalid Rayaz, purchased the Asher Animal Clinic at 6311 Col. Glenn Road. The seller is Bubby Haus LLC, led by Brian Kohler.

The deal is financed with a three-year loan of $220,000 from Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff.

The 0.46-acre location was bought for $108,000 in August 2006 from Lilac LLC, led by Andy Collins.

Office Space

A 620-SF office in west Little Rock is under new ownership after a $65,000 transaction.

Ken Clark acquired the space in the Pleasant Valley Corporate Center at 2024 Arkansas Valley Drive from Becky Porter.

Porter purchased the office for $42,000 in January 2001 from EES LLC, led by Edward Schulte.

Falstone Court I

A 4,608-SF home in west Little Rock’s Falstone Court neighborhood changed hands in a $990,050 deal.

Heather and Chris Cherry bought the house from HRPG Homes LLC, led by Hemachand Atluri.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $791,000 from U.S. Bank of Cincinnati.

HRPG Homes acquired the 0.29-acre site for $117,000 in March 2021 from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate LLC.

Falstone Court II

A 4,435-SF home in west Little Rock’s Falstone Court neighborhood rang up a $935,000 sale.

Lawton and Jovan Baker purchased the house from L&J Construction & Design LLC, led by Justin Hall.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $948,000 from Arvest Bank of Fayetteville.

L&J bought the 0.42-acre site for $68,000 in December 2020 from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate.

Foxcroft Abode

A 4,519-SF home in Little Rock’s Foxcroft neighborhood drew a $740,000 transaction.

Jon and Caroline Holcomb acquired the house from Gregory and Denise Albert.

The deal is financed with a 25-year loan from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Alabama.

The Alberts purchased the residence for $549,000 in July 2011 from David and Debra Becton.

Longlea Residence

A 4,379-SF home in the Longlea neighborhood of west Little Rock sold for $692,850.

James and Amber Jackson bought the house from Jason and Kimberly Walton.

The Waltons acquired the residence for $465,000 in June 2007 from Grant and Robin Swede.

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