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Sauce Startup Stirs Up $130K InvestmentLock Icon

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A Little Rock company has raised $130,000 to launch a line of sauces.

NatureSauce LLC, which will sell its sauces under the ReadtheLabl brand, will use “only natural ingredients,” said the company’s founder and CEO, Ken Wood. (The “e” on Label was left off intentionally, he said.)

Wood, a former tennis player at Henderson State University at Arkadelphia and a professional tennis coach, said he was aware of how difficult it was to eat healthily “without spending a lot of time cooking fresh vegetables and stuff all the time.”

So he created ReadtheLabl, which will start with three sauces and expand to other sauces and items later. The sauces will be manufactured in Little Rock and be the “most nutritious ever made,” Wood said. “You just pour it out and go.”

In October, the company will sell its products through its own website and on Amazon.com. Wood also will push to sell the products in natural food stores.

A Securities & Exchange Commission filing shows the company’s total offering was $130,000 and the first sale was in July.

Wood said he doesn’t know if he’ll do another offering for the company, which he said has been valued at $1.2 million.

“I would prefer not to.”

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