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Scalper Sued for Vexing Verizon Visitors

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The Multipurpose Civic Center Facility Board for Pulaski County is going after a Nebraska businessman for allegedly defrauding patrons of North Little Rock’s Verizon Arena.

The arena board has sued Guinio Volpone of Omaha, alleging he deceived ticket buyers through an online scalping venture.

According to the complaint, Volpone oversees the illegal marketing and reselling of tickets at prices in excess of the regular price.

Helping facilitate the alleged charade is the unauthorized use of the trademarked Verizon Arena name by his Event Ticket Sales.

It’s not the first time arena officials have reached out after receiving complaints from frustrated ticket buyers who blundered into ad-driven websites like Volpone’s and ended up paying inflated prices.

“Over the years, we have had a whack-a-mole thing,” said Michael Marion, general manager of the 18,000-seat events center. “You beat one down, and another one pops up.”

Volpone’s earlier Ticket Titans and Ticket Titans 2 ventures went dark after a history of unanswered complaints produced an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Event Ticket Sales popped up in February 2014, five months in advance of Ticket Titans 2 evaporating. The BBB notes there is an alert for ETS, which isn’t BBB accredited.

A Jan. 11 posting with the BBB echoes the arena lawsuit’s criticisms of Volpone and his business model.

“This company is nothing more than an overpriced ticket scalping agency that only writes in the fine print what they are. They flood your search results with their company to confuse where you are buying the tickets from. Once the purchase is made there is no backing out, no refunds, nothing. They back themselves with a pretty worthless guarantee, phony reviews, and don’t even tell you their physical address.”

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