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Seal Solar Touts New Mobile App

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Seal Solar of North Little Rock has a free mobile app that’s not only helping current clients but attracting new ones.

“The main thing that we use it for is referrals. We found that word of mouth is 100% the best way to find new clients. You know, people love to talk about things that they’re passionate about,” Seal Solar Marketing Associate Rachel Zimmerman told Arkansas Business. “And, if we can get our clients passionate about solar and really see the benefits, then they’re more likely to tell their friends or family, their neighbors. And so we really wanted a way to kind of capture the power of referrals.”

The app went live in August 2019, has about 140 users, and has brought the company 229 referrals within its first year, she said.

Users, even those who aren’t Seal Solar clients, can go into the app to enter the name and phone number of a person who may be interested in a solar product, then Seal Solar’s team will contact that person. The company pays $25 to the user who referred that person. If the referral results in a Seal Solar system being purchased, the user receives $500.

The app is also a good way for the company to stay in touch with past clients and retain them, Zimmerman said.

Users can do a number of things within the app, such as monitor their solar usage, check up on their systems and message the company any questions they may have. “It’s pretty user friendly, and it’s very intuitive,” she said.

Get The Referral of San Diego developed the app in about a month and has developed similar apps for different solar companies, Zimmerman added.

(Correction: A previous version of this article contained inaccurate attribution. Seal Solar Co-founder Heather Nelson was not interviewed by an Arkansas Business reporter for this article. Marketing Associate Rachel Zimmerman was interviewed.)

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