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Sherwood RV Development Attracts $6.3M Purchase (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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A recreational vehicle dealership in Sherwood weighed in at $6.3 million.

FRHP Lincolnshire LLC, an affiliate of Freedom Roads/Camping World of Lincolnshire, Illinois, acquired the River City Recreation World at 6721 Warden Road.

The sellers are PR Properties LLC and I-40 RV Exchange LLC, led by Paul Minton. The 13.78-acre development previously was tied to a November 2014 mortgage of $500,000 and a March 2017 mortgage of $1.1 million held by Arvest Bank of Fayetteville.

PR Properties bought the 6-acre River City RV project at 6721 Warden Road from Stafford Kees Jr. and his wife, Mary, for $1.5 million in 2001. Another 3.58 acres were added in a $300,000 deal with First Security Bank of Searcy in July 2012.

I-40 RV Exchange purchased the adjoining 4.88-acre Evans Motors development for $1.47 million in March 2017 from Evans Properties, led by Paul, Darrell and Ralph Evans.

Residential Acreage
A nearly 29-acre residential tract bordering the southern edge of Chenal Valley’s Accadia neighborhood tipped the scales at $1.02 million.

City Timberlands LLC, led by Michael Nauman, bought the wooded acreage with a 2,160-SF house and a 1,408-SF house.

The seller is Stalnaker Investments LLC, led by Clifford Stalnaker and Opal Stalnaker. The Stalnakers acquired the property for $254,000 in April 1992 from Charlotte Smith.

Coulson HQ Land
The relocation of a North Little Rock corporate headquarters is in motion after a $430,521 land deal.

Coulson Oil Co., led by Mike Coulson, purchased the 3.05-acre site on the west side of Northshore Lane between Northshore Place and Northshore Drive. The seller is Pfeifer Family Ltd. No. 1, led by Gene Pfeifer.

The land is part of a 600-acre tract along the Arkansas River near the southeast corner of Interstate 430 and Crystal Hill Road that the limited partnership purchased in May 2000 for $2.1 million.

The sellers were Karen Smith Riecke and North Shore Ltd., led by Harold Tenenbaum.

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Automotive Acquisition
A commercial site in the Otter Creek area of Little Rock changed hands in a $365,000 sale.

O’Reilly Automotive Stores Inc. of Springfield, Missouri, acquired the 1-acre location near the northeast corner of Otter Creek and Stagecoach roads. The seller is Newview Investment Properties LLC, led by Rick Ferguson.

The land was purchased in May 2003 as part of a $775,000 deal with Otter Creek Development Co., led by Byron Eiseman and Robert McGinnis.

Orle Residence
A 4,994-SF home in the Orle neighborhood of west Little Rock’s Chenal Valley development is under new ownership after an $850,000 deal.

Vikas Chowdhary and Ankita Shukla bought the house from Daniel Borja-Cacho and Tiffany Metzger.

The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $475,000 from Arvest Bank. The residence previously was linked to January 2017 mortgages of $417,000 and $281,000 held by Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp.

The property was acquired for $845,117 16 months ago from Lamay-O Inc., led by William Martin Jr.

Hickory Creek House
A 4,691-SF home in west Little Rock’s Hickory Creek neighborhood rang up a $739,000 sale.

The Justin Carmody Revocable Trust purchased the house from the Sandra L. Landers Revocable Trust.

The property was bought for $850,000 in September 2015 from the Scott A. Landers Revocable Trust.

Waterview Abode
A 3,992-SF home in west Pulaski County’s Waterview Meadows drew a $578,000 transaction.

Christopher and Jacqueline Highsmith acquired the house from the Crabtree Family Revocable Living Trust, led by Danny and Tara Crabtree.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $554,976 from Guaranteed Rate Affinity LLC of Chicago.

The residence previously was tied to a November 2013 mortgage of $399,200 held by IberiaBank of Lafayette, Louisiana.

The Crabtrees purchased the property for $196,000 more than four years ago from WVM Construction LLC, led by Bill Parkinson III.

Rockwater Home
A 2,560-SF home in North Little Rock’s Rockwater Village neighborhood sold for $569,163.

The Stein Family Revocable Living Trust, led by Charles and Mary Kathryn Stein, bought the house. The seller is Coburn Construction LLC, led by Roger Coburn Jr.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $400,000 from Arvest Bank.

The residence previously was linked with a September 2017 mortgage of $400,000 held by First Security Bank.

The location was acquired for $190,000 eight months ago from B.F. Vinson Jr. and his wife, Nancy.

Prospect Residence
A 2,209-SF home in Little Rock’s Prospect Terrace neighborhood changed hands in a $540,000 deal.

James and Brandy Wood purchased the house from Thomas and Gabriel Bond.

The residence previously was tied to a February 2009 mortgage of $320,000 held by One Bank.

The Bonds bought the property for $400,000 more than eight years ago from the namesake trust of James and Kathryn Rice.

Ensbury Dwelling
A 3,500-SF home in the Ensbury Place neighborhood of west Little Rock’s Chenal Valley development is under new ownership after a $529,900 sale.

Robert and Victoria Jones acquired the house from Dustin Hennard Homes Inc.

The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $423,920 from Bank of Little Rock Mortgage.

The residence previously was linked with a May 2017 mortgage of $440,550 from Relyance Bank of Pine Bluff.

The location was purchased for $90,000 in December 2016 from Deltic Timber Corp. of El Dorado.

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