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ARK Challenge’s Skosay Looks to Open Private Channels for Consumers

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Northwest Arkansas is becoming a launching pad for highly successful tech-based startups.

Fayetteville’s Skosay has developed a private two-way communications platform for customers and businesses to share feedback in real time.

The Skosay team just completed the third installment of the ARK Challenge accelerator in Fayetteville, and CEO Justin Urso said his team’s goal is to enhance customer experience and encourage repeat patronage.

“Our vision is much grander than the simplicity this technology offers consumers and businesses,” he said. “We’re working on some really exciting uses for our technology and hope to be the next great startup here in the northwest Arkansas area.”

But that simplicity is grand, in and of itself. Skosay aims to enhance the consumer experience by connecting what matters with who matters.

“Skosay was created because we were tired of filling out comment cards, waiting on hold with 800 numbers, and didn’t believe in airing ‘dirty laundry’ out in public forums like Yelp, Twitter or Facebook,” Urso said. “We found out our experience was shared with many others.”

Urso and co-founder Jason Kohrig (COO) and tech lead Jay Castro serve as the Skosay management team and between them bring more than 52 years of combined experience to the venture in the areas of retail analytics, manufacturing and software and web development.

Urso said Skosay allows businesses to aggregate feedback and engage their consumers real-time.

“But most importantly for consumers, their voice can be heard,” he said.

Over the course of the ARK, Urso and his team developed version 1.0 of the Skosay platform, which will be ready for public use this month. Urso said the ARK exposed the team to multiple investors, mentors, entrepreneurs and other startups, which helped them enhance the product offering and prepare for investment meetings.

“We’ve gained commitments from several customers and are in the process of raising funding to hire additional development and marketing personnel,” he said.

Next up, post-ARK, is more fundraising and product testing.

“We’re launching in November with our first customers and will utilize the data to help build the next version of our product,” Urso said. “During this testing phase, users will be able to go on our website via a mobile device and utilize the Skosay platform to provide feedback anywhere. It’s important for us to keep our original vision in mind as we grow and find the right partners to help us succeed.”

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