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Solving Hiring Challenges: A Case Study (Sabrina Starling On Small Business)

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The cost of employee disengagement in small businesses can range from several hundred thousand dollars to millions annually. Just imagine what you could do with that money if it were profit!

We tolerate marginal team members because we think we need to to survive. This is the slow kiss of death for your business. You don’t have to tolerate disengagement when you have a system for attracting A players to your team and the skills to create a great culture.

Case Study: Steve Dale, Angle Contracting LLC

As the owner of Angle Contracting, Steve Dale ensures everything fits just right. When an employee turns out to be a poor fit, it takes a toll on the company. Dale found himself rushing into the hiring process to meet growing customer demand. “It put me into a bind because they did not show up for work, calling in with excuses,” he said. “The timeline would get pushed back. I found myself running a business that is not good for my health, business growth and employees.”

Employee disengagement and ineffectiveness impact relationships — not just with the employee but also with customers. “It creates a very sour taste in your mouth because you’re disgruntled against the person you let down,” Dale said. “You have client relationships that you’re trying to nurture. But now I’m trying to salvage those relationships.”

To ensure the right fits for the future, Dale enrolled in our How to the Hire the Best course and shared powerful list of reasons for Angle Contracting to be an employer of choice to attract A players:

► I can be the best me that I can be. I can “show up” for my family/employees/subcontractors. I am setting an example of change.

► I can “show up” to serve my family better (both financially and with more of my time).

► I can create an exciting and fun work environment. Our employees feel like they are part of something beyond an employee of the company. Our employees are engaged and always looking to improve themselves.

► Our employees can serve their families (financially and with more of their time).

► Our customers have an extraordinary experience.

► I can be a voice for other residential remodeling contractors.

► I can be a leader for my children and wife so that one or more of my kids will want to continue down the path of small business because it can be rewarding.

Dale emphasizes the last reason: “It’s hard to be a leader for yourself and your family if you’re not a leader at work. A warm body is not somebody you want,” Dale said. “They create more headaches for you. It’s a ticking time bomb because they might work out and they might not. There is a greater chance that something could go wrong, and blow up badly when it does.

“I would encourage business owners to make sure they go through the interview process and understand what that person stands for. Do not be too hasty making a hiring decision that might not be a great fit. It costs way more to rehire the right fit.”

Sabrina Starling, Ph.D., PCC, BCC, is the bestselling author of “How to Hire the Best” and “The 4 Week Vacation.” Founder of tapthepotential.com and host of the “Profit by Design” podcast, she and her team coach entrepreneurs to take their lives back from their businesses. They are on a mission to send 10,000 entrepreneurs on a four-week vacation in 10 years.
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