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Southern Glazer’s Drivers in Arkansas Join Teamsters

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Workers at Southern Glazer’s distribution centers in Little Rock and Fayetteville joined the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 878 after a union card check Thursday, the labor union announced.

Thirty-one drivers for Southern Glazer’s, a wine and liquor distribution company headquartered in Miami, joined the Teamsters after Southern Glazer’s recognized the union as the group’s bargaining representative after a card-check agreement. A card check is when an employer recognizes its employees’ desire for union representation if a majority of them have union identification cards.

Southern Glazer’s workers in Memphis joined the Teamsters in May and a group of workers in New Mexico did the same in March. Southern Glazer’s has distribution centers in 44 states.

“First and foremost, thank God for answering our prayers, and thank you, Southern Glazer’s, for acknowledging our card check,” said Wade Rowe, a Southern Glazer’s driver. “We can accomplish so much more as a team than we could as individuals. We are looking forward to a much brighter future now that we are part of the Teamsters Union. Our voices will finally be heard.”

The Teamsters said the Southern Glazer’s workers organized to get better pay and benefits. The Teamsters’ Brewery, Bakery, and Soft Drink Conference organized the card-check negotiations with Southern Glazer’s.

“Congratulations to these workers on becoming Teamsters,” said Jeff Padellaro, director of the Brewery, Bakery, and Soft Drink Conference. “We will continue to help workers at the company and across the industry secure strong Teamsters representation and contracts.”

In Arkansas, the union membership rate increased from 4.9% of workers to 5.1% in 2023 but remained among the lowest in the nation.

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