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Standard Lithium Sets Up Magnolia Test Plant for Carbon Capture

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Standard Lithium, the Canadian company testing its plans for commercial lithium extraction for the battery market at test plants in El Dorado, has now installed a testing plant for capturing carbon dioxide from the burning of natural gas near Magnolia.

The company, based in Vancouver, announced earlier this week that it has installed the final testing location for its joint venture carbon capture project at Mission Creek Energy’s natural gas processing site off Burnt Bridge Road south of Magnolia. The company said the pilot plant, developed in collaboration with Aqualung Carbon Capture AS, will assess the “technical and financial viability of capturing CO2 directly from natural gas burning flue-gas streams.”

The company hopes to use the technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at future production facilities. Standard Lithium invested $2.5 million in exchange for 179,175 shares of Aqualung common stock last year, and Standard President and COO Andy Robinson joined joined Aqualung’s board of directors at that time.

“Standard Lithium is committed to ushering in a new generation of sustainable mineral extraction by exploring novel, cutting-edge technologies designed to minimize carbon emissions,” Robinson said in a company statement. “We look forward to testing this innovative carbon capture technology to better understand how Standard Lithium can engage in the most sustainable production processes, while integrating low-carbon lithium products into North America’s energy transition supply chain.”

The testing plant, which was built in Wales and transported to Galveston, Texas, before being shipped and installed in Arkansas, is part of Standard Lithium’s wider carbon capture and sequestration strategy. One goal is to understand how captured carbon might be used in the company’s lithium brine processing flowsheet. Standard also sees potential in developing permanent geological sequestration of carbons. Its $2.5 million equity investment gave it part ownership of the test plant’s novel carbon capture technology.

Aqualung designed and built the test plant in the United Kingdom. After commissioning, it was shipped to the Gulf Coast and eventually installed at the natural gas processing site near Magnolia operated by Mission Creek Resources LLC.

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