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State Legislature Helps Dave & Buster’s Return to Little Rock

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Dave & Buster’s wouldn’t have made it to Little Rock without the help of state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson of Little Rock, who sponsored a bill to attract the Dallas-based chain to Arkansas. (See Little Rock’s Original Fern Bar: How Buster’s Birthed Dave & Buster’s.)

That measure, approved by the Legislature as Act 1209, raised the cap on how much a player of arcade games can win. State law had capped the prize at 10 times what it cost to play the game or $5, whichever was less.

In a game in which a player wins multiple tickets, the value of the prize was limited to $12.50. Hutchinson’s bill increased that cap to $500, a sum that accommodates the PlayStation, Wii and Xbox video game systems Dave & Buster’s sometimes bestows as prizes.

Your Whispers staff asked Dave & Buster’s how it went about getting support for changing the law.

“Once our internal team identified the potential legal issue, we retained Jack Nelson Jones, a Little Rock law firm, for guidance,” said D&B spokesman April Spearman. “The firm spearheaded the necessary legislative change on our behalf.”

The spokesman cited demand from locals for a Dave & Buster’s. “Over the years, we have received numerous emails, social media posts and phone calls from the people here asking for a Dave & Buster’s in their city,” she said.

Indeed, a Dave & Buster’s Come to Little Rock Petition Page was created on Facebook. Its first posting appears to be Feb. 2, 2012.

And Spearman noted D&B’s strong ties to Little Rock. “This is where Dave [Corriveau] and Buster [Corley] originally had the idea for the concept, back when they both owned businesses at the Train Station,” she said. “Magna IV, the printer of all our menus and point-of-purchase materials from the beginning, has always been based in Little Rock.”

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