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Sterling Plaza Sale Tops $3.4M (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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A 15,685-SF commercial project in west Little Rock weighed in at $3.47 million.

Wolf Track Farm LLC, led by Chris Primm, purchased Sterling Plaza at 101 S. Shackleford Road. The seller is 101 South Shackleford LLC, led by Kevin Huchingson.

The 1.41-acre development was bought for nearly $2 million in June 2002 from Sterling Paint Inc., led by James Adamson.

Stebbins & Roberts Inc., Sterling Paint’s predecessor, acquired the site for $349,900 in April 1983 from Sajo Enterprises, led by Sam Friedman.

Bank Buy

A 2.51-acre commercial site in west Little Rock tipped the scales at $2.8 million.

Bank OZK of Little Rock bought the future branch location at the northeast corner of Cantrell Road and Chenonceau Boulevard from the Louis E. Schickel Revocable Trust.

The trust acquired the land for $2.1 million in December 2005 from Arvest Bank of Fayetteville.

Arvest purchased the property for $1 million in June 2002 from FCC Tract D Partnership, led by Ed Willis.

Sherwood Site

An 11.3-acre parcel in Sherwood changed hands in a $1.75 million deal.

Phoenix Addition LLC, led by Nooruddin Bhamani, acquired the land at the northeast corner of Highway 107 and Kellogg Acres Road from Byron McKimmey and Billy Morden.

The deal is backed with a one-year loan of $1.5 million from Gateway Bank of Rison.

The land was bought in February 2006 as part of an $8 million transaction with Metropolitan Land Co., representing the heirs of Justin Matthews and his Metropolitan Trust.

Eatery Property

A 2,606-SF restaurant in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock rang up a $1.42 million sale.

Hillcrest Station LLC, led by James Bryant, purchased its home at 2712 Kavanaugh Blvd. from Little Gidding LLC, led by Doug Martin.

Little Gidding provided a $1.1 million mortgage to fund the deal.

The 0.36-acre property was assembled in buys from Lisa Rose West and her husband, Stan, $450,000 in May 2016 for the former Helmich Auto Service location, and the Ruth B. Johnson Revocable Trust, $280,000 in March 2017.

WLR Parcel

A 5.08-acre commercial site in west Little Rock drew an $858,971 transaction.

Jordan Holdings LLC, led by Henry Jordan Jr., bought the land near the northeast corner of Cantrell and Morgan Cemetery roads from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate LLC.

Development of the property is financed with a five-year loan of $5.5 million from Generations Bank of Rogers.

The land was purchased as part of the $1.2 billion merger of Potlatch Corp. of Spokane, Washington, and El Dorado’s Deltic Timber Corp. in December 2018.

Commercial Acreage

More than 34 acres in North Little Rock sold for $800,000.

Tulip Farms Inc., led by Jimmy Winemiller, acquired the land on Judi Drive from D&B Commercial Park LLC, led by Lee Muncy Jr.

The deal is backed with an $800,000 loan from Centennial Bank of Conway.

D&B Commercial Park bought the land as part of a 117-acre tract in June 2001 for $1 million from I-440 Business Fiberpark LLC, led by George Wilcox.

Rental Investment

Six duplexes in Jacksonville are under new ownership after a $750,000 deal.

MidArk Houses LLC, led by Ryan Aclin, Jarod Puckett and Jeffrey Aclin, purchased 1100-1102, 1104-1106, 1108-1110, 1112-1114 and 1116-1118 Ruth Ann Drive and 6-8 Whit Court from Rashaun Wilburd.

The deal is funded with a one-year loan of $1.4 million from RiverWind Bank of Augusta.

Wilburd acquired the properties for $575,000 in November 2021 from LKS Investments LLC, led by Michael Lambert.

Office Transaction

A 10,361-SF office building in downtown Little Rock changed hands in a $675,000 transaction.

Family Council, led by Jerry Cox, bought the 415 Pulaski St. project from the Barbara Oakes Living Trust.

The 0.32-acre development was purchased for $350,000 in February 1995 from Otis and Alta Hale.

Expansion Land

A 1.2-acre commercial site in North Little Rock rang up a $236,250 sale.

Sanders Investments 4 LLC, led by Edward Sanders, acquired the land adjoining the north side of Sanders Supply at 4800 Northshore Lane.

The seller is Pfeifer Family Limited Partnership No. 1, led by Gene Pfeifer.

The property was bought in May 2000 for $2.1 million as part of a 600-acre deal with Karen Smith Riecke and North Shore Ltd., led by Harold Tenenbaum.

Falstone Court

A 6,195-SF home in west Little Rock’s Falstone Court neighborhood weighed in at $1.6 million.

Anil Kopparapu and Sahithi Pothuganti purchased the house from New Home Estates Corp., led by Drew Files.

The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $1.2 million from U.S. Bank of Cincinnati.

New Home Estates acquired the 0.35-acre site for $107,000 in April 2022 from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate.

The Arbors

A 4,370-SF home in The Arbors neighborhood of west Little Rock drew a $965,000 transaction. Kenneth Kasper Jr. and his wife, Vickie, bought the house from Marilyn Nelson.

The deal is backed with a 15-year loan of $381,500 from First State Bank of Russellville.

The residence was purchased for $840,000 in July 2007 from David and Linda Shaver.

Ensbury Place

A 4,366-SF home in west Little Rock’s Ensbury Place neighborhood sold for $860,000. Kevin Brown acquired the house from Kevin and Jenna Wong.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $175,000 from the Bank of England.

The Wongs bought the house for $652,341 in June 2019 from J&T Custom Homes LLC, led by Jimmy Johnson.

Sologne Circle

Associated Business Consultants LLC, led by Brandon and Brittany Huffman paid $2.39 million for a 4,889-SF home in west Little Rock’s Sologne Circle neighborhood.

The seller is the Timothy Scott Proctor Revocable Trust, which purchased the 0.81-acre property for $450,000 in December 2017 from the Brandon Huffman Revocable Trust.

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