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Steve Williams Leaves Arkansas Trucking BoardLock Icon

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A familiar face is missing from the 2018 Arkansas Trucking Association’s board of directors.

After serving for more than two decades, Steve Williams of Maverick USA in North Little Rock stepped down from the board. Williams is the chairman and CEO of Maverick, a transportation company Williams founded in 1980 that specializes in hauling flatbed cargo.

Williams’ spot on the board was filled by longtime Maverick executive and its current president, John Culp, who has been with the company since 1989.

Culp has been a financial consultant to the Arkansas Trucking Association’s board for years.

“After 25-26 years, it was time to start having John Culp, our president, be more active in state affairs,” Williams said in an email to Arkansas Business.

“John has been intimately involved with the state association for years assisting on the financial side among other things.”

Williams is well-known in transportation circles for his strong advocacy on issues he believes in. Those include, most prominently, the use of hair testing for pre-employment drug screening and the mandatory use of electronic on-board recorders in trucks.

Williams said he stepped away from the state board to focus more of his advocacy at the federal level through the Trucking Alliance, a lobbying organization created by the Arkansas Trucking Association in 2010 and based in Washington, D.C. Williams is president of the Trucking Alliance’s board of directors.

Craig Harper of J.B. Hunt Transport Services in Lowell is also a Trucking Alliance board member. Harper is a former chairman of the Arkansas Trucking Association’s board and remains a director.

“I have been focused on federal issues with my involvement in D.C. via the Trucking Alliance where I serve as the president,” Williams said. “That has consumed a lot of time.”

Williams shot down any hint he was scaling back on his responsibilities at Maverick.

“I have every intention to remain active as chairman and CEO of Maverick as we face a unique time in the history of the industry,” Williams said. “You will see an evolution that has already begun in mergers, acquisitions and business failures. We are poised to capitalize on the opportunities that result. I wouldn’t miss it for anything!”

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