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Straight From The Staff: Survey Provides Annual Workplace Pulse

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What do employees really think about our company?

How do they view me and our management team?

At Arkansas Business Publishing Group we know the answers to these questions. We know because we invest annually in the Best Places to Work in Arkansas survey.

Since 2014 we have asked our employees to participate in a 76-question survey about how they view our company. What we get back is an unvarnished look at employee perception of our company and leadership.

They tell us the good, the OK and the bad.

And then we get to work.

Wise Investment

Straight-from-the-employee data is what makes the investment (close to $800 for a company our size) worth exponentially more than what we pay. Workforce Research Group compiles a detailed view of aggregated responses and a full transcript of employee comments to open-ended questions. Management can use the data to benchmark responses coming from other participating companies and, more importantly, to benchmark progress within your company year to year.

The individual company scores are private information and available only to the participants.

I’m a believer in this program, and I’m happy to visit with any leader on your team to discuss it more fully. Feel free to call, or email me at mbettis@abpg.com. I believe the information you receive from this resource will be invaluable to your company, and the rewards will trump the cost many times over.

I’m out to build the best team of people in this region of the country, and the Workforce Research Group survey has proven to be one of our most effective tools to get that done.

We are better today because of strategic action we have taken as a result of the Best Places to Work survey. And we are not alone.

CEOs across the state have found value in the Best Places to Work investment.

The Best Places to Work Survey features a diverse range of questions from eight different categories, including:

  • Leadership & Planning
  • Corporate Culture & Communications
  • Relationship with Supervisor
  • Pay & Benefits

Your survey results break down employee answers by specific demographics including:

  • Length of Service
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnic Background
  • Status (Full or Part-Time)
  • Job Role
  • Department

Participation Fees

Participation Fees Chart

*Costs are not refundable. In addition to the paper cost in the chart above, there is a $1.49 per employee survey charge that will be assessed via invoice.
**To ensure result credibility, companies with 15-24 employees are required to have at least an 80% response rate to be considered for the list.
***Employees are randomly selected.

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