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Cadence Bank’s Tammie Davis on Loan Demand & Small Businesses

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Tammie Davis has been associated with Cadence Bank and its predecessor banks for more than 15 years. She has been market president of central Arkansas and senior vice president of commercial lending. Davis also has served as vice president at Regions Financial Corp.

Davis received a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in accounting from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

What is loan demand like these days?

It is refreshing to see glimmers of a positive shift in loan demand. Cadence has many products and services for consumer and commercial customers, including our excellent Treasury management services. Our bankers focus on building relationships — getting to know our customers’ needs, their goals and risk comfort — so we can recommend the best banking solutions with their interests in mind.

What are the goals of this newly formed Mid-South Arkansas division?

Our team has been laying the foundation for what we believe will be a good year for both deposits and loans. We are proceeding with prudent loan underwriting and remain focused on asset quality. Last year, we opened two new locations: one in west Little Rock on Chenal Parkway and another in North Little Rock. We are committed to offering flexible banking solutions, and we continue to enhance our online and mobile banking products, including installing live tellers throughout our footprint to allow for extended hours and Saturday banking.

What sector of the economy are you concerned about? What sectors are growing?

At Cadence, we continue to experience growth supporting small businesses. It is an incredible privilege to make a difference in our community by working with entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them achieve their goals.

What is your best advice for other women bankers?

I cherish my long career and have been blessed with chances to grow and expand my skills. I’ve worked with the mindset of being a good return on investment, which takes determination and the ability to look past obstacles and see a way forward. While I like number crunching and problem-solving, what I value most are relationships. This path has allowed me to develop deep relationships with customers and teammates. Leadership positions gave me chances to pass along the encouragement and guidance that I was given. My best advice to bankers is to recognize your strengths and make the most of them, value every relationship, become an expert at setting priorities, develop strong problem-solving skills, have confidence in your ideas and share them and learn from your mistakes. You’ll become an indispensable team member and leader.

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