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Tax Liens Total Nearly $972K for Media GatewayLock Icon

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A slew of tax liens was visited upon SSN Media Gateway LLC during 2018.

The five-lien tally stands at nearly $972,000 for the quarterly tax periods Sept. 30, 2013-June 30, 2018.

You might recall that the limited liability company does business as Media Gateway.

The name change of the 30,800-SF broadcast center at 1 Shackleford Drive in west Little Rock dates back to February 2016.

That’s when Matthew Davidge bought out Dr. Sev Hrywnak of Chicago, an entrepreneurial podiatrist; Edwin Avent of Baltimore, who helped launch Soul of the South Network; and two Little Rock businessmen long associated with the property, Larry Morton and Greg Fess.

Most of the liens, about $660,000 worth, pre-date Davidge’s entry into the ownership picture. Some, totaling about $312,000, don’t.

Jeff Lyle, whose involvement with SSN Media Gateway bridges both ownerships, couldn’t be reached for comment.

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