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Texarkana City Manager Seeks $2M For Park Project

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Texarkana’s city management is seeking almost $2 million to fast-track a parking lot as part of the planned Holiday Springs Water Park in Texarkana.

Kenny Haskin, director of city development for Texarkana, Ark., said the initial plan was to complete the water park before the parking lot.

“It’s going to create more of a destination spot for us,” he said. “The response we’ve been getting thus far on the water park has been overwhelming, and we don’t want people coming out there and parking on dirt, mud and grass.”

So instead of phasing the parking lot over two to three years, City Manager Harold Boldt is seeking a five-year loan to build the $1 million parking and its associated $800,000 incidentals immediately. The city board of directors approved Boldt’s request unanimously last week.

The $40 million park itself is funded almost entirely by Hiren Patel, a doctor of internal medicine in Texarkana, Texas. The park is slated to open in May.

The park is part of a larger project that involves a convention center, several hotels and business development along Interstate 30.

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