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Timberwood Project Tops $3.1M (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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A 56-unit apartment complex in Jacksonville tipped the scales at $3.18 million.

207 Hospital DR LLC, led by Arek Boynerian, bought Timberwood Apartments at 207 S. Hospital Drive from LSC TWA I LLC of Midland, Texas.

The deal is financed with a five-year loan of $2.5 million from Central Bank of Little Rock.

LSC TWA I acquired the 2.94-acre development for $2.6 million in October 2019 from Timberwood of Jacksonville LLC, led by Darrell Robinson.

Complex Transaction

An 80-unit apartment complex in Little Rock weighed in at $2 million.

Aoraki Capital Inc., led by Hadar Orkibi, and BV 80 AR LLC, led by Vincent Scolari, purchased Brook Valley Apartments at 1100 Brookside Drive. The seller is Rainbrook Apartments Ltd., led by John Shiver.

The deal is backed with a five-year loan of $3.7 million from Armor Bank of Forrest City.

The 5.73-acre development was bought for $4.4 million in January 1998 from Raintree (LR) Apartments Ltd. of Irving, Texas.

Convenient Property

A 1,624-SF convenience store in Sherwood rang up a $1.05 million sale.

Han’s Properties LLC, led by Monica and Jason Han, acquired the Corner Mart at 2429 Wildwood Ave. The seller is CDW Investments LLC, led by Beth Coulson.

The deal is funded with a $735,000 loan from Centennial Bank of Conway.

The 1.11-acre site was purchased for $100,000 in March 1981 from H.O. Topf Jr. and his wife, Anne.

Farmland Parcel

A 9-acre parcel in west Pulaski County changed hands in a $725,000 deal.

The Clifton B. Peck IV GST Trust bought the parcel on the south side of Kanis Road at Thompson Lane from Living Water Farms LLC, led by Jimmy and Katie Hicks.

Living Water Farms acquired the land in December 2021 as part of a $650,000 deal with the Harding Children’s Trust No. 3, led by Rush Harding IV.

Salvage Sale

A 3.92-acre auto salvage property in Little Rock is under new ownership after a $350,000 deal.

Glaze Investments Inc., led by Bryan Glaze, bought the Highway 5 Auto Salvage at 5721 Stagecoach Road from Nande Inc., led by Jerry Sobba.

Nande provided a two-year mortgage of $600,000 to finance the deal. Nande acquired the property for $100,000 in August 1996 from June Nalley.

Elbow Room

A 0.32-acre parking area in North Little Rock sold for $200,000.

JTJ Restaurants LLC, led by James and Margaret Keet, James Keet IV and his wife, Stephanie, and James Thomas Keet, purchased the land adjoining the south side of Waldo’s Chicken & Beer at 4221 Warden Road. The seller is Dillard’s Dollars Inc., an affiliate of Little Rock’s Dillard’s Inc.

The property was part of the land given to Dillard’s to bring the retailer to McCain Mall in May 1971 by Metropolitan Trust Co., led by Justin Matthews III.

Ferndale Residence

A 4,339-SF home in the Ferndale community of west Pulaski County tipped the scales at $1 million.

Cameron and Rebekah Beene acquired the house from the Edris Ann Williams Trust. The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $766,500 from Cadence Bank of Tupelo, Mississippi.

Williams purchased the 6.69-acre property in December 1982 as part of a $70,000 deal with William Terry, Joan Terry Oliver, Joseph Terry, Tonya Terry and the estate of Adolphine Fletcher Terry.

Falstone Court

A 4,316-SF home in west Little Rock’s Falstone Court neighborhood drew a $930,000 transaction.

The Grace U. Sunu Revocable Trust bought the house from Dillon Homes & Real Estate Inc., led by Janet Dillon.

The 0.36-acre site was acquired for $109,000 in March 2021 from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate LLC.

Hickory Creek

A 5,947-SF home in west Little Rock’s Hickory Creek neighborhood rang up an $835,000 sale.

Melin Farming LLC, led by Guillermo Carlos Kirchner, purchased the house from the Gerry Carol Freebairn Revocable Trust.

The residence was bought for $700,000 in April 2004 from Michael and Donna Flynn.

Heights Home

A 2,830-SF home in the Heights area of Little Rock changed hands in a $799,000 deal.

Melissa Walsh and Scott Peeler acquired the house from Mary and Scott Nelson. The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $599,000 from Encore Bank of Little Rock.

The Nelsons purchased the residence for $527,500 in October 2017 from Evan and Jennifer Gregory.

Pulaski Land

Arnett Construction Co., led by Ted Arnett sold a 62.7-acre tract on the north side of East 145th Street at Rockbridge Road in south Pulaski County to Coushatta Management LLC of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for $1.33 million.

Arnett Construction bought the land in May 2000 as part of a $148,000 deal with the J. William Fulbright Trust.

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