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‘Top 100 Women of Arkansas’ Receive Praise, Recognition

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Arkansas Business Publishing Group honored “The Top 100 Women in Arkansas” on March 1 at a luncheon at Arkansas’ Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock.

The event recognized 100 women in the state who have distinguished themselves through professional accomplishments, political and community influence and personal achievements.

Guest speaker for the luncheon, hosted by Stephens Inc. of Little Rock, was Patricia Harrison. She is president and founder of the National Women’s Economic Alliance in Washington, D.C.

“Our goal is to raise the level of awareness and respect for the successes women in Arkansas have achieved,” said Olivia Farrell, chief executive officer of Arkansas Business Publishing Group.

Arkansas Business published a special 84-page publication that profiles 100 Arkansas women, who were selected from among 1,000 nominations by readers of Arkansas Business.

Farrell said the Top 100 Women guide is an excellent resource for companies and organizations searching for women who can fill board of directors positions.

“Again and again in my 17 years of professional life, I’ve heard executives say they can’t think of any women to serve on their boards,” Farrell said. “I believe it’s true that for many reasons the eminently qualified women who are out there do not come to mind. This publication is dedicated to overcoming that blind spot.”

Honorees were selected from the fields of arts, banking/finance, corporate, education, government/utility, health care, non-profit, politics/law and small business.

1996 Top Women of Arkansas

Dixon, Martha

Pridgen, Judy

Walton, Helen

Low, Margo

Smith, Judy

Die, Ann

Howarth, Susan

Schreiber, Mary

Schexnayder, Charlotte

El Dorado
Johnson, Sherrel

Blair, Diane

Bryant, Jessie

Lewis, Bev

Starr, Billie Jo

Walton, Alice

Fort Smith
Keith, Judith Marie

Pollan, Carolyn

Sanders, Sandi

Heber Springs
Upton, Patti

Lincoln, Blanche

Hot Springs
Clark, Peggy

Selig, Helen

Sloan, Betty

Little Rock
Alexander, Kathleen

Allen, Sharon

Arnold, Kay Kelley

Bailey, Virginia

Bolton, Jan

Brantley, Ellen

Brown, Irma Hunter

Brown, Nan

Caldwell, Bettye

Campbell, Gene

Carney, Betta

Casey, Paula

Catlette, Meredith

Chotard, Ann

Dawson, Judi

DeLamar, Nancy

Dickey, Jane

Dillard, Mary

Doyle, M.D., Lee Lee

Elders, M.D., Joycelyn

Fiser, M.D., Debby

Fisher, Jimmie Lou

Fleming, Susan

Franks, Candace

Gilleland, Diane

Grace, Greer

Graves, Barbara

Gray, Ellen

Gray, Patricia

Holcomb, Johnnie

Hueter, Diana

Imber, Annabelle

Jansen, Anne

Jones, Janet

Jones, Myra

Krain, Doris

Ledbetter, Brownie

Ledwell, A.A.E., Deborah

Lile, Betty

Lowe, Betty

Luck, Jo

Mackey, Diane

Manning, Mary

May, Nancy

McHenry, Cora

Moone-Jochums, Sharon

Nichols, Sandra

Parker, Anne

Priest, Sharon

Raines, Linus

Rhodes, Ed. D., Emma

Roaf, Andree

Rogers, Judith

Rossi, Amy

Seibert, M.D., Joanna

Solomon, Patricia

Tucker, Betty

Vanwinkle, Cynthia

Walker, Sherry

Ward, Millie

Warren, Joyce

Weaver, Rhona

Whillock, Margaret

Witherspoon, Carolyn

Wright, Susan

Yates, Barbara


Hunt, Johnelle

North Little Rock
Mitchell, PhD, Katherine

Pine Bluff
Blakely, Carolyn

Bradshaw, Betty

Brooks, Helen Claire

Jones, Sissy

McNulty, Montine

Morrow, Beverly

Jones, Bernice

Mobley, Julia Peck

Loving, Judy

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