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UA Supercomputer Flexes Operational Muscle

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The University of Arkansas is gaining some computing power with a supercomputer that dwarfs the capabilities of traditional desktops.

The university announced this month that the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center would receive the “Trestles” computer cluster from the Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego.

The supercomputer not only puts traditional desktop computers and laptops to shame — the UA said Trestles has 8,192 processing cores compared with your computer’s four — but it also outguns the university’s current supercomputer. Trestles “will more than double the center’s computational capacity and allow it to run three times the amount of jobs for campus researchers,” the university said in a news release.

“We are thrilled to acquire a prominent national resource for high performance computing,” the center’s interim co-director, Jeff Pummill, said in the news release. “Researchers at the University of Arkansas are in a perpetual state of evolution and advancement in their computational needs, and Trestles is known throughout the national high-performance computing community as a ‘high-productivity workhorse.’”

The center plans to decommission the old supercomputer as soon as possible and have Trestles fully operational by July.

The computing center supports hundreds of researchers across more than 30 disciplines, including physics, integrated nanoscience and computational biomagnetics.

The new system boasts 256 servers, 16.4 terabytes of memory and a processing speed of 79 teraflops. (The university defined a teraflop as the measurement of 1 trillion calculations per second.)

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