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Video: A Conversation On Leadership with Jon Harrison

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Arkansas Business’ “Foundations” interview series continues with Jon Harrison, owner of VIP2 of Little Rock, a consultancy that helps businesses and other organizations through leadership training programs for staff at all levels.

In this episode, Harrison talks about the capability to be a good leader, how to handle workplace conflicts, and the philosophy behind developing “values-driven, informed and passionate people” in the workplace.

The “Foundations” series aims to highlight key tools for success for businesses, nonprofits and other organizations. The first four videos of the series focus on leadership and feature interviews with Harrison, Gina Radke of Galley Support Innovations of Sherwood and Fitz Hill, director of the Scott Ford Center for Entrepreneurship & Community Development and the Arkansas Baptist College Foundation.

Full Interview

Harrison, a former plant manager for Caterpillar Inc., leverages decades of leadership experience to help companies and organizations of all sizes.

“We try to give them the tools that help them understand how to communicate with people, how to hold people accountable,” he says. “For example, one thing that I wish someone would have taught me when I was a young supervisor is [how to have] difficult conversations. That’s the cornerstone really of any relationship.”

Harrison also talks about how personality types inform how managers relate to direct reports, how different countries have different ideas about what makes a good leader, and how managers can create a healthy workplace that has a positive effect on employees’ families and communities.

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