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Video: Arkansas Business Gets A Look at Google Glass

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Brant Collins of Little Rock is an early tech adopter who’s among the first wave of people trying out Google’s eye-catching, wearable computer, Google Glass.

Collins of Station X, a video production, photography and web design firm, stopped by Arkansas Business to show me how the $1,500 device works. In the video, he shows me how to operate Glass and talks about how the technology could be used in his business and others.

Glass, which Google has sold in a limited release to hand-picked customers, is a Wifi- and Bluetooth-enabled device that shoots 720p video and 5-megapixel photos. Operated by voice commands and finger swipes, Glass allows users to post photos and videos to Google+, videoconference with others and search the Web. An array of apps work with Glass, and developers think Glass could be useful in industries including health care, law enforcement, the military and more.

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Glass has also proven controversial, as privacy advocates raise concerns about the threat of secret surveillance using the device, and others raise basic questions about the etiquette of interacting with Internet-connected glasses in social situations.

Collins is optimistic about Glass and its utility. After flying to Google offices in New York City in June to purchase Glass and undergo a tutorial by Google, he’s been using Glass in a variety of situations. You can follow Collins, who posts Glass videos and photos on his Google+ page, on Twitter at @BrantC and on Tumblr here.

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