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Wild River Country Turns Cold Shoulder on Snow Maker

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So much for the winter chills at Wild River Country.

The North Little Rock water park’s attempt at bringing snow rides to its digs resulted in “substantial additional costs and expenses and [it] suffered catastrophic damages, both financially and to its reputation, during the 2013-2014 season,” according to court filings by its attorney, David Grace of North Little Rock.

Aquapark Holdings LLC, which is the legal name for Wild River Country, recently filed a counterclaim against SnowMagic Inc., the New Jersey company that promised to make the snow.

WRC alleged that SnowMagic bragged that its 50-ton snowmaking equipment could pump out and maintain snow in 70-degree temperature — even in direct sunlight.

But WRC said it soon discovered that the snow wouldn’t stick “even in 45-degree weather.” And if it was sunny, the manufactured snow turned to slush.

“Customers complained, prompting numerous refunds and price concessions,” WRC’s filing said. “Most customers did not return and, as word of the disappointing attraction spread, attendance at the snow park diminished dramatically.”

WRC’s claims include fraud and product liability. Grace, the park’s attorney, declined to comment on the case because it’s pending.

SnowMagic actually made it to the courthouse first and sued WRC for failing to pay $105,000 of the $215,000 bill for rental of the machine.

SnowMagic’s attorney at the Lewis Tein P.L. law firm in Coconut Grove, Florida, wasn’t immediately available for comment Thursday.

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