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Windgate Foundation Awards $750K for New Art Facility at UAM

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The University of Arkansas at Monticello announced it has received a $750,000 grant from the Windgate Foundation to fund a renovation of existing space for a new university art facility.

The grant period runs through May 1, 2025, and supports the transfer of the art facility from the aging Visual and Performing Arts Center to the Red Barn on the Monticello campus, UAM said in a news release. The Red Barn, which has been used over the years for theater productions and meetings, among other university activities, will be renovated into classroom and studio space for the art program.

“Dedication to the arts is crucial for providing a comprehensive education to UAM students, as it fosters creativity, critical thinking and cultural appreciation,” Peggy Doss, chancellor of UAM, said in a statement. “A strong emphasis on the arts also contributes to the development of well-rounded individuals who are prepared to engage with the world in a meaningful and impactful way.

“The renovations made possible by this grant will significantly elevate the classroom and studio experiences for our art students and support the recruitment of the next generation of artists, designers and art educators to UAM.”

The Windgate Foundation has awarded four grants totaling more than $1.3 million to UAM since 2020. The private, Little Rock-based foundation has funded need-based scholarships, nursing instructors, lab equipment and the construction of a graphic design lab that allowed the university to develop a minor in art with an emphasis in graphic design.

“The foundation previously provided funding to create the Windgate Graphic Design Lab at UAM, and this renovation will be an even greater boon to our art students,” Steven Harper, dean of the UAM School of Arts and Humanities, said in the release. “This project reaffirms UAM’s commitment to the role that the arts play in developing and nourishing the human spirit, a commitment shared by the Windgate Foundation and manifested in their efforts to strengthen and expand the visual arts.”


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