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Windstream To Be Nation’s Largest 8G Provider, Firm Says

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Windstream Holdings LLC of Little Rock announced that its Kinetic high-speed internet service will soon be the largest provider of 8G home internet in the country.

Next month, 330 exchanges across the Kinetic footprint will be eligible for the service in their homes, translating into 400,000 households that will be able to access the bandwith, the broadband infrastructure company said in a news release Tuesday.

“Multi-Gig speed, delivered via 100% fiber optic connection, provides 99% reliability and performance for households in the Kinetic footprint,” Windstream said. The Kinetic 8G fiber has 8,000 Mbps upload speed, which is 220 times faster than cable internet upload speeds, the company said.

“We know that homes have more connected devices than ever before,” Clay Fisher, chief marketing officer for Kinetic, said in a statement. “We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs both today and in the future.”

The expansion of the multi-gig service is part of Kinetic’s $2 billion capital investment to deploy fiber across its 18-state footprint.

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