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Winner’s Plaza Sale Surpasses $1.2 Million (Real Deals)

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A 10,168-SF office project in Maumelle weighed in at $1.27 million.

Siya Properties LLC, led by Jaiminbhai and Yatin Patel, bought Winner’s Plaza at 501 Millwood Circle from Jason and Sarah Everett.

The deal is backed with a three-year loan of $1 million from Arkansas Federal Credit Union of Little Rock.

The Everetts acquired the 2.34-acre development for $899,000 in April 2022 from Woodmont Maumelle LLC, led by Tice Brown.

Office Transaction I

A 4,464-SF office building in west Little Rock changed hands in an $800,000 deal. Span Holding LLC, led by Ashokkumar Desai, Chintu Magan, Animeshbhai Patel and Jitendra Patel, purchased the 11524 Fairview Road project.

The seller is Merica Financial LLC of Baton Rouge and Taylorized Properties LLC, led by Scotty Taylor.

The deal is funded with a three-year loan of $640,000 from Farmers & Merchants Bank of Stuttgart.

Merica and Taylorized bought the 0.42-acre development for $630,000 in July 2020 from BMR Inc., led by Robert Alexander.

Convenient Acquisition

A 1,932-SF convenience store in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock sold for $750,000.

Saaki 4 LLC, led by Nooruddin Bhamani, acquired the EZ Mart at 2711 W. Markham St. from Schlereth Family LLC, led by John Schlereth.

The deal is financed with a three-year loan of $522,750 from First Community Bank of Batesville.

The 0.38-acre property was purchased for $2,800 in January 1927 from A.M. and Arlene Lund.

Office-Warehouse Buy

A 5,040-SF office-warehouse in North Little Rock drew a $575,000 transaction.

AHKK Enterprises LLC, led by Amy Hawley and Kendra Kaufman, bought the 5101 McClanahan Drive project. The seller is Copper & Kind LLC, led by Julie and Caleb Price.

The deal is backed with a 10-year loan of $488,750 from Provide Inc. of San Francisco.

Copper & Kind acquired the 0.54-acre development in March 2022 from Somers Avenue Church of Christ Inc.

Parking Property

A 7,000-SF parking lot in downtown Little Rock rang up a $500,000 sale.

La Rocca LLC and Texas Street LLC, both led by James Freeman, purchased the property on the east side of Center Street that adjoins the south side of the Pyramid Place Building at 221 W. Second St.

The seller is Schlereth Family LLC, which bought the property for $125,000 in August 1991 from LLG Lands Inc., led by Joseph Dryer.

Office Transaction II

A 3,612-SF office building in west Little Rock is under new ownership after a $470,000 transaction.

The city of Little Rock acquired the property from Abacus Financial Services LLC, led by Johnny and Amber Tollett.

Abacus bought the 0.46-acre development for $162,000 in April 2011 from Old South Investment Properties LLC, led by Johnny and Amber Tollett and John Childers Jr. and his wife, Jill.

Near Cammack

A 2,856-SF Little Rock home on the edge of Cammack Village changed hands in a $925,000 deal.

Gregory and Denise Albert purchased the house from HBH Builders Inc., led by Howard Boyce Holmes. The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $832,500 from First Horizon Bank of Memphis.

HBH acquired the property for $410,000 in December 2019 from Alexander Stearns Properties LLC, led by Christopher and Lucie Minor.

Heights House I

A 3,625-SF home in the Heights area of Little Rock sold for $890,000.

Jason Bowman bought the house from Thomas Reilley.

The deal is financed with a one-year loan of unspecified value from McGehee Bank.

Reilley purchased the residence for $800,000 in August 2021 from Stephen and Ashley Peeples.

Heights House II

A 3,239-SF home in the Heights area of Little Rock drew an $889,000 transaction.

Shinho Kang and Julie Windholz acquired the house from Ashley Moore and Michael Lyles. The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $889,000 from First Horizon Bank.

Moore and Lyles bought the residence for $849,000 in December 2022 from Hartness Construction Co., led by Brenda Hartness.

Falstone Court

A 3,605-SF home in west Little Rock’s Falstone Court neighborhood rang up a $799,000 sale.

Gregory and Isabel Argetsinger purchased the house from Charles and Ashley Keathley.

The Keathleys acquired the 0.31-acre site for $132,000 in April 2022 from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate LLC.

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