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Words of Wisdom (Editorial)

2 min read

If you stick around long enough, and keep your eyes and ears open, eventually even the thickest of us is able to discern when somebody has said something so true it needs no further explanation.

This year’s crop of 40 Under 40 young professionals offered several nuggets of wisdom that we would have done well to have taken to heart, oh, 30 or 40 years ago. Maybe you, too, can benefit from what they’ve learned.

► “You make their lives easy, and they want to do business with you.” This is from Adam Jones, president of AWJ Electric Co. of Fayetteville. These days, one of the biggest compliments we can pay a co-worker is: You make my life easier.

► “The older you get, the more you understand that the world is a whole lot different from you and you have to learn to embrace it and that you are responsible for encouraging and creating a better environment.” Thank you, Jessie Bennett, senior oncology specialist and believer in the Miss Arkansas scholarship program, for encouraging reality-based thinking.

► “You bloom where you’re planted.” Esperanza Massana-Crane, marketing director with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, understands personal responsibility and playing the cards you were dealt — good, bad or indifferent — to the best of your ability.

► “Don’t screw it up.” These are words that Adam Wells, president of Lumber One Home Center, lives by. Now, these may need a little explication. Our take? Most of us can figure out pretty quickly when we’ve got it good. But some of us seem determined to sabotage ourselves. Save yourselves some heartache. Don’t. 

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