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Zenwork Launches AI-Driven Tax Assist Program

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Zenwork of Fayetteville has launched a new tax assist program that is driven by artificial intelligence.

The Zenwork AI Tax Assist program uses generative AI designed to streamline tax reporting preparation and the electronic filing processes for Internal Revenue Service forms series 10 and 9.

“This monumental move is set to redefine the tax filing experience, providing users with immediate access to IRS-sourced answers, 24/7 customer support, transactional functions, and much more,” Zenwork said in a news release.

Zenwork AI Tax Assist “relies on relevant IRS publications and the Tax1099.com web application,” the company said.

Tax1099 is an IRS-authorized digital tax compliance service that simplifies tax filing for more than 500,000 businesses nationwide. Zenwork is the parent company of Tax1099.

“Tax1099 stands proudly as a trailblazer in tax compliance, leading the way with its game-changing AI integration,” Naina Malviya, head of AI initiatives at Zenwork, said in a statement. “This innovation redefines the landscape by offering real-time IRS guidance, simplifying the filing process, and setting a new standard for effortless tax management. It’s a testament to our dedication to user-centric innovation.”

Zenwork’s new AI Tax Assist tool helps businesses with 1099 tax preparation and electronic filing, secure transactional capabilities, and is trained in IRS publications, the company said.

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