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LATEST ARTICLES BY Arkansas Business Editors

Biden Awards $7B for Hydrogen Hubs Across US; Arkansas Proposal Not Selected

Arkansas had teamed up with Oklahoma and Louisiana in an effort to obtain federal dollars for a regional hub known as HALO.

Heather Cherry Named Senior VP & Chief Nursing Officer at Arkansas Children’s LR (Movers & Shakers)

Cherry has spent more than two decades in nursing leadership and has experience with neonatal care, emergency centers, and quality and performance improvement.

Marion Berry: ‘Pure Arkansas’

Former Arkansas Congressman Rep. Marion Berry, who died May 19, “never forgot where he came from.”

Arkansan is Second to Receive Prosthetic Hand That Restores Sense of Touch

The neural-enhanced prosthetic hand was developed by researchers at the Institute for Integrative and Innovative Research in Fayetteville and transplanted through surgery at UAMS.

The Basics of Governing (Editorial)

Central Arkansas is lucky in having a reliable, safe water supply overseen by Central Arkansas Water. Of course, that’s not really a matter of luck. That’s a matter of good governance and planning.

Expressions of Confidence in Arkansas (Editorial)

Three developments last week showed expressions of confidence in Arkansas’ future, always welcome but particularly so during the blistering days of summer.

Here’s to the Voters (Editorial)

Decades of vision, planning, collaboration and toil are coming to fruition in Arkansas as the state’s steel industry levels up again. But one cohort crucial to the success deserves praise, too: the citizens of Mississippi County.

Recreational Marijuana & Fairness (Editorial)

Smaller, more efficient government is a worthwhile goal, but the government we do have should at least be competent and fair.

Federal Reserve Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Fasten Your Seatbelts (Editorial)

Higher interest rates make holding debt more problematic than ever. Smart companies, like smart consumers, will do whatever it takes to eliminate or limit their debt load.

Raising Teacher Pay (Editorial)

In February, the National Education Association released a survey showing that 55% of educators are thinking about leaving the profession earlier than they had planned. It was a big jump from the 37% who expressed the same sentiment just six months earlier.

One Word: Energy (Editorial)

If the United States is to continue to prosper, we must work to make ourselves as energy independent as possible.

Alice Walton, founder of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Art Bridges

Money Well Spent (Editorial)

We tend to take news of big donations for granted.

Community News (Editorial)

Breathing new life into local news and advancing the state’s status as a defense manufacturing hub.

A Threat To Energy Independence (Editorial)

A Commerce Department investigation that threatens the development of the solar energy industry raises concerns about U.S. energy independence.

Wallace Fowler, left, and Don Munro

Two of the Best (Editorial)

Arkansas lost two exceptional business leaders in recent weeks.

Generating Independence (Editorial)

The U.S. should work toward energy independence, an independence that’s likely to rely on multiple sources of energy.

Tyson Foods Places Bet on Citizens (Editorial)

In the past year, Tyson has invested millions in pay raises and benefits for front-line workers.

Locked Out (Editorial)

The Federal Reserve’s plan to raise interest rates to quell inflation may help in the long term, but that’s little comfort to the buyers of today, who find prices creeping higher still.

2 Schools: Exciting, Ambitious (Editorial)

Little ever gets done in this world without a little ambition.

Securing Retirement (Editorial)

Congressional bipartisanship is so rare these days that we pay close attention when we see it. We rejoice when we see it contributes to a societal good: encouraging employees to save more for retirement.