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LATEST ARTICLES BY Andrew DeMillo, Associated Press

State Lawmakers Question Governor’s Staff About Purchase Of $19,000 Lectern Cited by Audit

During a nearly three-hour hearing before the committee that requested the audit, the first-term Republican governor’s top aides faced skepticism from even some GOP lawmakers over the purchase of the lectern.

Things to Know When the Arkansas Legislature Convenes This Week

The session could include efforts to tweak or outright repeal a law dealing with cryptocurrency mining operations.

Sanders Proposes $6.3B Budget as Lawmakers Prepare for Session

Most of the increase in spending would go toward the governor’s school voucher program.

Group Sues Arkansas Attorney General for Not Approving Government Records Ballot Measure

Arkansas Citizens for Transparency asked the state Supreme Court in a 14-page filing to order Attorney General Tim Griffin to either approve the language of their proposal or substitute it with more suitable language.

Arkansas Abortion Ban May Be Scaled Back, if Group Can Collect Enough Signatures

Republican Attorney General Tim Griffin certified the proposal, which would prohibit the state from banning abortion within the first 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Ends His Campaign for President

Hutchinson’s exit came a day after he finished sixth in Iowa’s leadoff caucuses, well behind Donald Trump and other top rivals.

Judge Blocks Arkansas Law That Took Away Board’s Ability to Fire State Corrections Secretary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas judge on Friday blocked a new law that took away the Board of Corrections’ authority over the state corrections secretary and other top […]

Arkansas Lawmakers OK Plan to Audit Purchase of Governor’s $19,000 Lectern

The all-Republican executive committee of the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee also voted to audit the Republican governor’s travel and security expenditures.

Scrutiny of Arkansas Governor’s $19,000 Lectern Deepens After New Records are Released

A legislative panel is expected to vote this week on a lawmaker’s request for an audit of the lectern’s purchase.

Arkansas Jail Inmates Settle Lawsuit With Doctor Who Prescribed Them Ivermectin for COVID-19

The inmates said they were never told ivermectin was among the medications they had been given to treat their COVID-19 infections, and instead were told they were being given vitamins, antibiotics or steroids.

A $19,000 Lectern for Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sparks Call for Legislative Audit

Questions about the lectern, its cost, how it was purchased and even whether it existed has dominated political talk in Arkansas in recent weeks.