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Walmart to Acquire Smart TV Maker Vizio for $2.3B

The deal aims to expand Walmart’s rapidly growing advertising business to compete with Amazon.

Walmart Rips Again in Q4 as Inflation Retreats

But with inflation falling, Walmart customers are spending less per trip, leading the company to release a modest earnings forecast

Fed Minutes: Officials Worried That Progress on Inflation Could Stall in Coming Months

Some officials “noted the risk that progress toward price stability could stall, particularly if aggregate demand strengthened” or that the progress in improving supply chains could falter.

IRS Targets Execs Who Use Business Jets for Personal Travel

WASHINGTON (AP) — First, there were trackers on Taylor Swift and other celebrities’ private jet usage. Now, there will be more scrutiny on executives’ personal use of business aircraft who write it […]

Robots and Happy Workers: Productivity Surge Helps Explain US Economy’s Surprising Resilience

The productivity boom marks a shift from the pre-pandemic years, when annual productivity growth averaged a tepid 1.5%.

Consumer Sentiment Edges Higher as Economic Growth Accelerates and Inflation Fades

Still, consumer sentiment remains 6% below its long-run average after the worst spike in inflation in four decades pushed up the cost of groceries, rent, gas, and other necessities, frustrating many consumers.

Retail Sales Fall 0.8% in January as Shoppers Pause After Strong Holiday Season

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans pulled back their spending more than expected in January after the traditional holiday season splurge. Retail sales fell 0.8% in January from the strong pace […]

Treasury Proposes New Anti-Money Laundering Regulations for Investment Advisers

Advisers would be required to file reports with the government when suspicious activity is detected by clients, among other things.

US Inflation Slows in January, but Remains Elevated

The prices of services — hotel rooms, restaurant meals, auto insurance, apartment rents and the like — are still rising faster than they did before the pandemic and keeping overall inflation persistently high.

Report: Wealth Disparities by Race Grew During The Pandemic, Despite Income Gains

According to a report from the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the real net worth of white individuals has outgrown that of Black and Hispanic individuals by 30 percentage points and 9 percentage points, respectively.

Recession Risks are Fading, Business Economists Say, but Political Tensions Pose Threat to Economy

A growing share of business forecasters worry that the Fed is keeping rates unnecessarily high.

Brands Prune Offerings to Focus on Best Sellers

Many companies think they’re also doing shoppers a favor, with studies showing that fewer choices, not lots of variety, actually encourage shoppers to buy more.

Sports betting at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas

The Super Bowl is Expected to Smash Betting Records

The volume of betting participation is projected to be 35% higher than last year, which was the previous record.

A Record Number of Americans Can’t Afford Their Rent. Lawmakers are Scrambling to Help

The latest data from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, released in January, found that a record high 22.4 million renter households — or half of renters nationwide — were spending more than 30% of their income on rent in 2022.

Average Long-Term US Mortgage Rate Edges Higher, but Remains in Mid-6% Range

The average rate on a 30-year mortgage rose to 6.64% from 6.63% last week, mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday. A year ago, the rate averaged 6.12%.

Biden Sets Tighter Standards for Deadly Soot Pollution From Tailpipes, Smokestacks

Business groups and Republican-leaning states are likely to challenge the rule in court.

Small Business Acquisitions Leveled Off in 2023 as Interest Rates Climbed, but 2024 Looks Better

Quarterly results show stark changes in the market: Transactions fell 10% in the first quarter, remained flat in the second and third quarters as interest rate hikes slowed, and rose 12% in the fourth quarter.

NCAA basketball

Stage Set for First-Ever Labor Union Vote for NCAA Athletes

Unionizing would allow the players to negotiate not only over salary but working conditions, including practice hours and travel.

Powell: Federal Reserve On Track To Cut Rates This Year

WASHINGTON (AP) — Chair Jerome Powell said in an interview broadcast Sunday night that the Federal Reserve remains on track to cut interest rates three times this year, a move that’s expected […]

Where The Jobs Are: Strong Hiring in Most Industries Has Far Outpaced High-Profile Layoffs

Data provides compelling evidence that most companies, large and small, are confident enough in the economy to keep hiring.