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When the Old Stories No Longer Fit

Trying on new ideas and “what if?” scenarios can keep a company from falling behind or becoming obsolete.

Courageous Authenticity (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Organizations led with courageous authenticity and integrity outperform their competitors.

Start by Designing the Future (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

The best way to develop a major change initiative is to design the future.

Making Resolutions Work (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

So how did you do with last year’s plans, commitments and resolutions?  It’s that time of year again. As we approach the end of December, we reflect on the year […]

First Be Curious, Then Be Judgmental (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Curiosity and judgment are important in the decision-making process.

The Case for Mentorship (Barry Goldberg on Leadership)

A mentor program at a company can develop new talent and increase its impact and effectiveness.

Job Candidates Seek Commitment to Ethics (Barry Goldberg on Leadership)

Looking at the business press for the last few quarters, it seems that the most unpredictable (and therefore likely most dangerous) new threat to businesses will continue to be finding and keeping top talent.

Creating a Coaching Culture (Barry Goldberg on Leadership)

Teaching coaching as a leadership and managerial skill at all levels of an organization can be transformative.

Leading Change vs. Announcing It (Barry Goldberg on Leadership)

Leaders who want to create lasting change at an organization need a clear and well-vetted plan.

Fear of Being Left Behind (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Fear of being left behind is understandable, but it creates business risk. Embrace change.

Leading Through Crisis (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

In a crisis, organizations look to their leaders for connection and support.

Leaders Are Courageous Readers (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Reading is a key to good leadership, especially when you tackle subjects that challenge your nature or your world view.

Hiring an Executive Coach (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Finding and hiring the right executive coach can be challenging. Here are some guidelines for making the right decision.

Leaders Give the Team What They Need (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

A leader’s job: Provide the team with what they need to remain engaged and focused.

Enlightened Self-Interest (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

This Thanksgiving, I want to recognize the owners and leaders of small- to medium-size businesses whose grit, imagination, focus and tenacity have been fundamental to keeping our economy alive.

Cleaning the Data in Data-Driven Decisions (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Decision-making (like pretty much everything else) has become more complex, nuanced and more turbulent than it was 13 months ago.

It’s Not What You Say… (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

At a time when our stress levels can run high, I am taking on “It ain’t what you say. It’s the way that you say it.”

Culture and Values, Now More Than Ever (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Times that test our organizational culture and values can show us how genuine those fundamentals are and how much of a resource they can be.

Most Feedback Is Just Noise (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Is it any wonder that the phrase “May I provide you with some feedback?” sets up an emotional loop almost guaranteed to grate on nerves and create stress?

Work From Home Is Not About the Technology (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

Organizations are looking hard at how to make working from home work. The remote worker genie is absolutely not going back in the bottle.