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Seize The Sun: Arkansas Businesses Go Solar Before Net Metering Changes

Due to recent changes in net metering laws, the urgency for Arkansas businesses to embrace solar power has never been more pronounced.  With net metering, the kilowatt-hour (kWh) produced by […]

Pulaski Tech Gets $1.8M for Advanced Manufacturing Program

The college in North Little Rock said the funds from the Arkansas Department of Commerce Office of Skills Development will be used to upgrade training facilities to prepare students to enter the manufacturing workforce.

Are Your Employees Health Insurance-Literate? 

Not understanding health insurance is costly to employees and to their employers.

Metro Little Rock Commercial Real Estate Ends 2023 on Mostly Positive Notes 

The metro Little Rock office market continues to buck the dour national office trend of high vacancies, but still remains a market concern.

Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Tradition With AI

Do the benefits outweigh the challenges and what are the future implications for both firms and their clients?

Average Long-Term US Mortgage Rises To 6.94%

The average rate on a 30-year mortgage rose to 6.94% from 6.90% last week, mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday. A year ago, the rate averaged 6.65%. The average rate is now just below its highest level since mid-December, when it was 6.95%.

Understanding the Impact of Stress on Blood Pressure

In a fast-paced business world, stress management is critical to heart health.  

DEI Opponents are Using a 1866 Civil Rights Law to Challenge DEI Workplace Equity Policies

Section 1981 of the act was originally meant to protect formerly enslaved people — or Black people specifically — from economic exclusion.

Passing the Torch: A Guide to Succession Planning for Family-Owned Businesses

In the heartland of America, where traditions run deep and businesses are often family affairs, the importance of succession planning cannot be overstated. The smooth transition of leadership is crucial […]