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New Edwards Food Giant Location Expected to Draw Traffic to Lakewood Village

Edwards is expected to open April 3 and fill the 34,400-SF space vacated by Stein Mart in October 2020.

Judge Awards $5M to Crain’s Ex-COO

A U.S. District Court judge recently awarded $5 million to the former chief operating officer of Crain Automotive Holdings LLC of Sherwood for money owed under a deferred compensation plan.

Dillard’s Sales Down 5% in Q4, Fiscal Year  

CEO William T. Dillard II said that considering the “weak consumer environment,” the results were respectable.

Arkansas Heart Hospital CEO Lobbies for Higher Reimbursement Rates Amidst LayoffsLock Icon

New legislation is being drafted that would force insurers to pay Arkansas hospitals the average being paid in border states.

Helena Hospital Sold and Renamed

Progressive Health Group purchased the hospital from Quorum Health of Brentwood, Tennessee, and is under contract with the city of Helena.

$115M Trade Secrets Case Now Favors WalmartLock Icon

A federal judge has ordered a new trial in the trade secrets case against Walmart Inc.

Baptist Health, UnitedHealthcare Reach Agreement

Baptist Health and UnitedHealthcare have reached a multi-year agreement over reimbursement rates that kept the state’s largest health care provider out of the insurer’s network since Jan. 1.

Springdale Attorney Awarded $1.5M in Hearse-Chasing Case

Attorney Jason M. Hatfield of Springdale recently received a $1.5 million award in a case tied to allegations of a scheme in which “runners” who were not lawyers handed out business cards at funerals to recruit plaintiffs for wrongful death suits.

Lowell In-Home Care Company Faces Racketeering Lawsuit for Alleged Workforce MisclassificationLock Icon

The lawsuit accuses Pinnacle In Home Care LLC of misclassifying its workforce to avoid mandatory employer costs that its competitors have to pay. 

Opioid Fight: Walmart Wins a Round in Insurance Claim BattleLock Icon

Benton County Circuit Court Judge John R. Scott ordered AIG entities to defend Walmart against opioid lawsuits.

Therapeutic Focus of West Memphis Quickly Fills 2,500 SF

Therapeutic Focus of West Memphis held a grand opening for its 2,500-SF clinic last month, and it’s already running out of space.

Baptist Health Battles UnitedHealthcare Over Reimbursement RatesLock Icon

Baptist, the state’s largest health care provider, says it and other hospital groups have faced “unprecedented” costs to cover wages, supplies and pharmaceuticals since the pandemic, but has seen stingy reimbursement deals from insurers.

LR Firm Accused of Betrayal in $65M BidLock Icon

Almost four years after winning a $65 million contract from the state of Nevada, an appeals court has ordered the Little Rock firm, Protech Solutions Inc., to turn over documents that Chase Global believes will support its claim that it was cheated out of millions of dollars.

Ex-Marine Gets $2.5M in Malpractice Case

A former U.S. Marine who went to the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System in Little Rock for a routine back surgery but was left with permanent brain damage received a $2.49 million judgment last month against the federal government.

Baptist Health, which has 11 hospitals in Arkansas, saw its patient revenue fall nearly 5% to $666.3 million in the first half of the year compared with the same period a year ago.

Baptist Health Out of Insurer’s Network

UnitedHealthcare said Baptist sought “double-digit price hikes that are neither affordable nor sustainable for families and employers across Arkansas.”

Ruling Favors Surgery Centers in Reimbursement Fight With Arkansas Blue Cross

More: A deeper look at what led to the lawsuit is available here.  A Pulaski County Circuit Court judge Thursday ruled mostly in favor of two Little Rock surgery centers […]

Joe Profiri

Arkansas Board of Corrections Votes to Remove Secretary Joe Profiri, File Lawsuit

The Arkansas Board of Corrections voted Thursday to place Department of Corrections Secretary Joe Profiri on indefinite leave and file a lawsuit challenging new laws that made the secretary answerable […]

Little Rock Surgery Centers Fight ABCBS Over COVID-era ReimbursementsLock Icon

The companies said in court filings that they should have been reimbursed for procedures as a hospital instead of at the lower rate of an ambulatory surgical center, as they served as temporary hospitals during COVID.

Lyon Keeps Sights Set on Heifer HQ

Lyon’s deal to buy the Heifer International HQ in Little Rock fell through last month, however the college still plans to move forward plan to put dental and veterinary schools at the downtown property.

New Hospital Designation Offers Hope in Pocahontas

On Sept. 1, the Pocahontas hospital was the first in the state to receive the newly created Rural Emergency Hospital designation.