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Rebekah Hardin

Rebekah Hardin
President and Chief Marketing Officer
At Home Media Group Inc.
Little Rock
Rebekah Hardin, to coin a phrase, is at home in Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee.

Her At Home Media Group Inc.'s magazines - including At Home In Arkansas, At Home In Memphis, At Home In New Orleans and Little Rock Monthly, and the recently acquired Oxford American, - showcase home fashion, Southern writing and the life of Arkansas' capital city.

Even before Bill Clinton was elected president, she had a clear vision that Arkansas' highlights were underrated. It came to fruition in 1995, and At Home In Arkansas was first published in 1996.

"Our mantra was that we wanted to showcase the best of the best that Arkansas has to offer," Hardin said. "We wanted something every month that got better and better."

Besides the company's growth, Hardin has helped raised $300,000 in two years for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation through a company-founded program called "Build for the Cure" that showcases new designer idea homes. The Komen Foundation is an important cause for a company with 70 women employees.

Hardin graduated from Louisiana Technical University in 1988 with a bachelor's in marketing.

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