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Little Rock

Few, a one-stop website software design and development company, has seen its business surge since the second quarter of 2020.

On July 1, 2020, “the switch flipped” and businesses seemed to accept that COVID-19 wasn’t going away anytime soon, said Zack Hill, a co-owner and CEO of Few. And if businesses didn’t adapt, they might not survive. “If anything, the pandemic really hit home to a lot of folks how important web and digital was,” Hill said.

Companies turned to Few for help. Few focuses on digital products and digital experiences.

“We are digital products-centric, meaning most everything that we do has some kind of web-related element to it,” Hill said. Few creates websites, web applications, mobile applications, or all of those, for its customers.

Few also assists with marketing its clients’ products. “We say, ‘We’re concept to scale,’” Hill said. “So you can come in with just an idea, no brand, no name. We can help define all that, design it, develop it and take it to market.”

Few’s revenue jumped 35% in 2021 compared with 2020.

In December 2020, Few had about 17 employees. A year later, it had about 35, with half of those in Arkansas and the rest scattered across the country. This year, it plans to add another 10 to 15 employees as the company continues to blossom.

It recently bought a $605,000 building in Little Rock’s SoMa neighborhood to use as its headquarters. In addition to being a place to collaborate, the headquarters will have apartments for Few’s remote employees to use when they’re in Little Rock. The space is undergoing about $100,000 in renovations and is expected to open in March or April.

Few started in 2013 out of the Made by Few design conference held in Little Rock and founded by Arlton Lowry, who is Few’s co-owner.

One of the challenges the company has faced is finding good employees. “It’s a very competitive job market,” Hill said.

But Few is successful because of its employees. “We just have extremely talented and … dedicated people who take a lot of pride in their work,” he said.

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