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Pediatrics Plus

Pediatrics Plus
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Little Rock

Founded in 2002 by Todd and Amy Denton, Pediatrics Plus began with only eight employees and 16 clients. Two decades later, Pediatrics Plus has 11 locations with more than 1,000 employees.

The specialized pediatric health care service provides developmental preschool and therapy services to children with special needs. 

Pediatrics Plus prioritizes the families that it serves. If those families have a need, the company will find a way to meet it, and “that is what has fueled a lot of our growth over the last few years,” Amy Denton, co-owner and founder, said.

This has led to two new ventures for the health care provider in recent years: The Farm and a partnership with Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia to create a master’s degree in applied behavioral analysis (ABA).

The Farm is a new concept for Pediatrics Plus, one in which children can receive applied behavioral analysis therapy and sensory opportunities outside of a clinic environment. The first one will open in Saline County and will have fishing, gardens and cooking for children, as well as a traditional therapy gym. 

Denton explained that The Farm will help address the need for ABA therapy opportunities for children with autism, but there is also a shortage of certified therapists, hence the OBU partnership.

“Our partnership with OBU is unique in that a student can work in a Pediatrics Plus clinic while working towards their degree with OBU,” Denton said. It is the first Master’s in ABA program in the state, and Pediatrics Plus will help students who earn the degree pay their tuition and student loans.

What sets Pediatrics Plus apart from its competition is its “unique service model,” which consists of “a holistic and collaborative model that allows therapists and teachers to work together for a child and their family,” Denton said. Each child is looked at on a case-by-case basis to find what works best for that particular child, and all the child’s services are offered under one roof instead of through different doctors’ offices and preschool programs.

“We love helping them reach milestones that once looked unattainable and now come naturally,” Denton said. “It’s a special place to be a part of.”

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