March 8, 2023 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Statehouse Convention Center Little Rock
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Category II (31-55 Employees)

One thing is for certain, TeleComp won’t be a Category II company in the future.

TeleComp, an IT and telecommunications company, acquired an Oklahoma company, Beasley Technology Inc. of Cushing, in November 2019, after it was selected as a Category II finalist. The acquisition doubled the size of TeleComp to more than 100 employees and was the result of the financial growth the company has seen in recent years.

CEO Chris Beaty, who joined TeleComp when it merged with IPC Communications in 2017, said business is really good for the industry and TeleComp is riding that wave. TeleComp also acquired TeleGen of Tulsa in late 2018.

“Business is the best I’ve seen it in my career,” Beaty said. “For the industry, we only do business-to-business sales and it seems like other businesses are healthy, spending money and investing in the technology that we’re selling to help serve their customers and their employees. Everyone seems to be doing well.”

The IPC merger gave TeleComp access to IPC’s proprietary cloud platform, which the company is marketing under the name TeleCloud. The platform allows businesses to run their phone systems through TeleComp, which operates the system at its offices rather than at the place of business.

“We have invested in some new products and services like our TeleCloud offering, which is our proprietary hosted phone service,” Beaty said. “It is a big investment and we have it out in the market now. It is tremendously scalable where we can go up to hundreds of thousands of users. We plan to bring that direct to market to businesses inside Arkansas, Oklahoma and southern Missouri.”

Beaty said culture is important at TeleComp and the transition of adding new employees through the acquisitions of the past year has gone smoothly. “They seem to be integrating in really well,” Beaty said. “There has not been an enormous amount of culture shock with the companies that we bought. They fit in with our direction and our internal culture.

“Taking care of our employees who work so hard for us and making sure they are dedicated to serving our customers as much as the executive leadership is a big deal for us.”

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