March 8, 2023 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Statehouse Convention Center Little Rock
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Staley Technologies

Staley Technologies
Category IV (151-499 Employees)
Little Rock

Staley Technologies Inc. is a turnkey provider of point-of-sale technology, consulting with clients to determine their needs and then sourcing, installing and servicing the equipment.

Those clients include some of the biggest names in retailing, according to CEO Andrew Faulkner, and what Staley learns from those accounts benefits smaller operators who adopt similar technologies.

Originally a division of Staley Electric, Staley Technologies was created in 1986 and merged with Faulkner’s company, Advanced POS Solutions, in 2018. The company now has 250 employees in eight offices from Florida to California. Offices in Little Rock; Springdale; Boise, Idaho; and Lansing, Michigan (an acquisition at the end of 2020), serve local customers. Offices in Los Angeles; Atlanta; Orlando, Florida; and Columbus, Ohio, are regional offices that support national companies like Walmart, Lowe’s, Sonic Drive-In and Burger King.

“Those larger companies, they’ve got the buying power and internal resources. They go out and start thinking about introducing a new piece of technology in their stores. They will reach out to us and consult on how to properly deploy that new technology,” Faulkner explained.

As new point-of-sale technology is adopted by “the big guys,” Staley can help smaller companies find affordable ways to stay competitive.

The COVID-19 pandemic lit a fire under a lot of clients. “The customers needed contactless technology or curbside technology or stronger Wi-Fi, but it was harder to get people to commit to pre-pandemic,” Faulkner said. “The pandemic ramped that up, and it was no longer a situation that we needed to persuade people that they needed those things.”

Supply-chain disruptions complicated Staley’s work in 2021, but he’s optimistic about 2022. “If we can get the supply chain stuff figured out, ... we have plenty of work on the books. I think we could grow as much as 15% to 20%. We’ve got a huge opportunity ahead of us. It’s just a matter of getting our hands on the pieces of technology hardware that we need to make it happen.”

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