September 16, 2024
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Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark, 28
Senior Director of Sales
CCF Brands

When Jessica Clark went to Missouri University of Science & Technology to pursue a degree in business management, she never envisioned herself ending up in a job that revolved around chicken eggs.

But as senior director of sales for CCF Brands, Wal-Mart’s largest egg supplier, that’s exactly what she does, helping to drive sales and profits for the company.

“You don’t put a lot of thought into what went into getting [eggs] on the shelf,” Clark said. “Dealing with a live animal as your production can be challenging, [along with] production cycles and gathering eggs from so many farms. It’s definitely very complex and nothing I thought I’d be doing when I was in school.”

Working her way up the ladder at CCF Brands was no easy feat. Clark said that proving herself despite her age and gaining the trust of her superiors was a challenge.

But she doesn’t see herself in the business forever. With a management degree, she knows she has a lot of options and would someday like to open her own business.

“I have a couple of ideas in my head,” Clark said. “Hobby-wise, I would like to do something more crafty or artsy, a boutique of some sort.”

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