September 11, 2023
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Parker Spaulding

Parker Spaulding, 27
Campbell & Grooms PLLC
Little Rock

As a business major at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, Parker Spaulding decided he didn’t want a career in business. Working at “a regular office job, looking at numbers all day” didn’t appeal to the Springdale native, he said.

After graduating in 2016, he went to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Bowen School of Law to pursue a law degree.

After law school, he joined the Little Rock law firm Campbell & Grooms as an associate.

Earlier this year, Spaulding assisted in a lawsuit that resulted in a $14.1 million judgment for a group of farmers who did business with defunct Turner Grain Inc. of Brinkley and its trading partner K.B.X. Inc. of Little Rock. K.B.X. has appealed the judgment from Lonoke County Circuit Court and the case is pending.

Spaulding also revived and is running Arkansas Bankruptcy Associates, which was started by Campbell & Grooms and represents people who file for bankruptcy.

Spaulding said he’s naturally competitive. “Being in trial and on the plaintiff’s side of things, you’re always thinking two steps ahead,” he said.

He plans on being at Campbell & Grooms for the future. Attorneys Don Campbell and Kendel Grooms “treat me exceptionally well,” Spaulding said. “I couldn’t have asked for two better bosses straight out of law school.”


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