September 12, 2022
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Josi Gass

Josi Gass, 26
Project Engineer
North Little Rock

Josi Gass was a student at Missouri University of Science & Technology, in Rolla, Missouri, when she went to Guatemala to help design a water distribution system for a community of 3,000.

Gass wrote the project manual for the residents. “We got to design a water system, but I focused on the sustainability and education of the system,” Gass said. “I learned all kinds of things: You have to get a community to want a project in order to improve their lives. I learned really about how people interact with these things. It was very eye-opening as a student.”

At Garver, Gass works in its hydraulics and hydrology group. She builds water models to help construction engineers during projects and works with cities to find, fix and avoid flooding problems. “I model how much water gets to a certain point and how we can fix problems if the water is causing a problem,” Gass said.

Gass and her fiance, Nick Roberts, can be found on Instagram documenting their renovation of a 135-year-old house they bought in Little Rock. “It was in bad shape, so we are restoring it to keep all the historical integrity of it,” Gass said. “That is how we spend a lot of our time.”

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