September 12, 2022
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Brittany Moss

Brittany Moss, 23
Owner & Administrator
Southwest Medical Academy and Central Medical Academy
Prescott and North Little Rock

Brittany Moss has made herself a pioneer in Arkansas’ health care business world as the youngest person in the state to own a private career and education school.

In 2019, at the age of 20, Moss opened Southwest Medical Academy in Prescott. The academy offers training to be certified as a nursing assistant, phlebotomy technician, pharmacy technician, clinical medical assistant and dental assistant.

This year Moss opened a second school, Central Medical Academy, based in North Little Rock, that offers the same services. The schools together have a total of about 120 students.

Moss herself is a certified nursing assistant and phlebotomy technician and has a state business license to be an administrator at her schools. She was able to get a head start by graduating high school a year early.

Before starting her business endeavors, Moss served as a nursing assistant at Hillcrest Nursing Home of Prescott. She also worked as a nursing aide at Kindred Hospice in Hot Springs.

In addition, Moss serves her community by giving free classes to the community and being a mentor to young students. “Students can always contact me for encouraging words, advice or anything,” Moss said.

Moss’ biggest ambition is to found a college that offers all her programs as well as a curriculum outside the medical field.

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