September 12, 2022
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Taylor Stokes

Taylor Stokes, 29
Founder & Owner
Little Rock

Stoko, which provides coworking space at 610 Clinton Ave. in downtown Little Rock, offers “everything to make somebody have a successful day,” said Taylor Stokes, company founder. That includes furniture, conference rooms, a podcast room, high-speed internet and, of course, coffee. Stoko has partnered with Fidel & Co. and will house that Little Rock company’s second location.

“We just want to provide a space where somebody from any industry can come in and succeed, whether they’re going out on their own and they need a space to work, kind of the entrepreneurial world, or a graphic designer or a small-business team,” Stokes said.

Stokes, born in Fort Smith, graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, studying communications and public relations. After graduation she took a job with the Little Rock marketing and communications firm Eric Rob & Isaac, leaving in June 2021 to start Stoko. Rob Bell, a principal in the firm, said of Stokes and Stoko: “She had the vision to see the need before the pandemic changed the workplace forever, and I’m confident that her innovation and passion will continue to serve the Arkansas small business community for years to come.”

“We have big dreams and plans for what Stoko could become,” Stokes said. Those include potential future locations.

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