September 12, 2022
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Marc Verbos

Marc Verbos, 29
Managing Director & COO
The ASA Group
Little Rock
Sometimes things don’t turn out as planned — they turn out better.

Marc Verbos landed an internship with Nationwide Insurance in Delaware, and it was his job to act as a liaison between the national insurance carrier and The ASA Group, a life insurance brokerage in which his late grandfather, Don Mowery, was a partner.

When his internship was cut short, the Navy brat who graduated from high school in Virginia and from Redding University in California headed on down to Little Rock to work for ASA.

The ASA Group brokers life insurance business between financial advisers and insurance carriers. Verbos entered the business on the sales side, but he has made his real mark on the operations side, devising new systems so that the services that ASA Group provides to financial advisers and their clients are as smooth and efficient as possible.

“My job is to make sure the agents are happy and continue to do business with The ASA Group,” Verbos said.

Since the life insurance market went soft in 2007, premiums have dropped by nearly half, and so have commissions. But ASA’s revenue has grown, as has its application count, the average premium size and the number of agents who are using its services.

Verbos is on the board of directors of the Harmony Health Clinic in Little Rock, a major beneficiary of the World Cheese Dip Championship, so he’s on the board of that as well.

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