January 11, 2024
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Winners will be recognized in the following categories:

  • Infrastructure/Water: Recognize cities/towns who have found innovative ways to preserve existing infrastructure and minimize repair costs or time including underground utilities, streets,etc; protecting public waterways; wastewater treatment innovation; etc
  • Education/Workforce: Development Recognize unique programs that are improving graduation rates; raising the education standards in K-12; programs that are developing a more qualified workforce for employers. Programs can be a public/private partnership and do not have to be a municipally led program. The quality of a city is determined by its citizens
  • Public Works (COMBINED category): Environmental and Green Management; Planning & Land Use; Parks & Recreation; Energy Resource Management and public safety programs
  • Technology  & Security (NEW): Advances in local broadband to improve education and or local access. Advances in using technology to improve city communications or services or steps taken to improve cybersecurity practices.
  • Diversity and Inclusion (NEW): Steps taken to promote diversity and inclusion; empower citizens with information and how to respond; and creating opportunities for minority populations.  Including actions that the City has taken to make its services or meetings available to more of its citizens.  Overcoming barriers that could include: race, gender, language, economic status, new to the community, geographic, etc.
  • Tourism Development/Creative Culture: Recognize cities/towns who are building unique venues, attractions, museums, etc to not only attract tourism but also improve the quality of life of citizens.
The Rules:
The competition is divided into three population categories to allow cities to compete with other cities of comparable size. The population categories are: cities less than 5,000 population; 5,000-20,000 population; and more than 20,000.
Application Information:
  • Each city can submit one award application in each award category.
  • Entries must describe programs or projects brought to conclusion or showing significant results between July 2019 and July 2023.
  • An official entry application must be submitted for each project.
  • Entry Forms must be received in the Arkansas Business office by 5:00 p.m. August 31st, 2023 or be postmarked on or before that date. Entry forms should be submitted to:
Bonnie Jacoby
Arkansas Business Publishing Group
114 Scott Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Emailed to: Bonnie@abpg.com
  • The entry must include all required information, such as completed entry form, a concise description of the project or program, and adhere to the space requirement of four pages double-spaced for the written description and no more than four pages of supporting material.
  • If a city submits entries in multiple categories the page limit applies to each category individually.
  • Winners will be notified in September 2023.