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Trade Rift Deepens as China Ups Tariffs on $60B in US Goods

by Associated Press 5/13/2019 10:42 am

Deepening a trade battle and sending financial markets spinning, China announced Monday it was raising tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. goods in retaliation for the latest hike in U.S. tariffs on its exports.

Arkansas' 1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens

by Hannah Grabenstein, The Associated Press 5/13/2019 07:07 am

Qualifying patients could begin buying medical marijuana Saturday when the state's first dispensary opened, though the celebratory mood was dampened by confusion about operating hours and fears the dispensary wouldn't be able to serve all the patients by closing time.

Tony Cristee Named Development Manager for Screen Vision (NWA Movers & Shakers)

by Arkansas Business Staff 5/13/2019 12:00 am

Tony Cristee has joined Screen Vision Media of New York as the company's business development manager for Arkansas.

Jonathan Mariner Joins Tyson Foods' Board

by Arkansas Business Staff 5/10/2019 09:40 am

Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale says Jonathan D. Mariner has joined its board of directors.

Tyson Foods to Build $300M Plant, Employ 800 in Utah

by Lance Turner 5/10/2019 09:32 am

Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale announces plans to build a $300 million meat packaging plant in Utah that will initially employ 800 people.

US Hikes Tariffs on Chinese Goods, Beijing Vows Retaliation

by Associated Press 5/10/2019 06:41 am

President Donald Trump's latest tariff hike on Chinese goods took effect Friday and Beijing said it would retaliate, escalating a battle over China's technology ambitions and other trade tensions.

US, China Wield Threats Going Into High-Stakes Trade Talks

by Associated Press 5/9/2019 11:01 am

U.S. and Chinese negotiators are to resume trade talks Thursday just hours before the United States is set to raise tariffs on Chinese imports in a dramatic escalation of tensions between the world's two biggest economies.

Tyson Foods to Launch Meatless Protein Products This Year

by Lance Turner 5/7/2019 09:04 am

Just days after confirming that it sold its stake in Beyond Meat, Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale said it would launch its own meatless protein products this summer.

How New Plant-Based Burgers Compare to Beef

by Candice Choi, The Associated Press 5/7/2019 08:32 am

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are among the companies racing to tap into the massive U.S. market of meat eaters by more closely mimicking the taste of beef than vegetarian patties of the past. Here's what you might want to know before taking a bite.

Tyson Foods' Fiscal 2Q Earnings Beat Expectations

by Arkansas Business Staff 5/6/2019 06:48 am

Tyson Foods Inc. reports fiscal second-quarter net income of $426 million. The Springdale, Arkansas-based meat processor said it had net income of $1.17 per share.

Central Arkansas Unemployment at 3.5 Percent

by Arkansas Business Staff 5/6/2019 12:00 am

The unemployment rate in the Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway metropolitan statistical area remains near a historical low, 3.5% in February.

UA Law Dean Margaret Sova McCabe Encourages Public Service

by Mark Friedman 5/6/2019 12:00 am

Margaret Sova McCabe, the new dean of the University of Arkansas School of Law, wants to help law students who want to help others.

Hot Springs Dispensary Doctors Orders RX Gets State OK to Open

by Lance Turner 5/3/2019 01:36 pm

Arkansas' first medical marijuana dispensary will open in Hot Springs. The state Department of Finance and Administration says that Doctors Orders RX at 4893 Malvern Ave. passed state inspection, received final state approval and could open when ready.

Beyond Meat Goes Public As Sales of Plant-Based Meats Rise

by Dee-Ann Durbin, The Associated Press 5/2/2019 11:28 am

Beyond Meat, the purveyor of plant-based burgers and sausages, made its debut on the stock exchange Thursday. It's the first pure-play maker of vegan "meat" to go public, according to Renaissance Capital, which researches and tracks IPOs.

Burger King May Sell Plant-Based Burger Across US This Year

by Associated Press 4/29/2019 11:24 am

Burger King's parent says that a month-long test of the Impossible Whopper at 59 restaurants in St. Louis has gone so well that it will start testing it in additional markets. The company said it may expand sales nationally by the end of this year.

Arkansas Duck Hunting Not Dead Yet

by George Waldon 4/29/2019 12:00 am

Reports that there were “no ducks” in the Arkansas Delta this hunting season were greatly exaggerated, but industry leaders are concerned nonetheless.

Hope Remains for $410M Forrest City Plant

by Jan Cottingham 4/29/2019 12:00 am

President Donald Trump's trade war with China may have helped delay the $410 million textile plant planned for Forrest City, but it hasn't killed it.

Arkansas Delta Boosters Seek 'Critical Mass'

by Gwen Moritz 4/29/2019 12:00 am

The Arkansas Delta Council, a nonprofit economic development organization still in formation, hopes to raise money and entice investors to a region that has been losing population, unevenly but inexorably, for half a century.

Two-Thirds of Arkansas Counties Lose Residents

by Arkansas Business Staff 4/29/2019 12:00 am

Two-thirds of Arkansas' counties lost population between 2012 and 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Staying 'Prayerful' (Editorial)

by Arkansas Business Editors 4/29/2019 12:00 am

President Trump may think that “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” but St. Francis County workers need jobs and Arkansas farmers, the top rice producers in the world, would love to ship their rice to China. Agriculture is, after all, the state's biggest industry.