Landlord Wants Gusano's Pizzeria Out This article is available only in print.

Landlord Wants Gusano's Pizzeria Out

The landlord of Gusano's Chicago Style Pizzeria in Little Rock's River Market says it needs some dough, and we're not talking of the pizza variety.
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Attorney Matthew Henry Gets Out of Jail This article is available only in print.

Former Little Rock Attorney Matthew Henry finally walked out of the Pulaski County jail last month, after having been behind bars since March 22 for civil contempt.
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Roadblock Removed to Widening Kanis This article is available only in print.

Right of way property previously tied up by the 2016 bankruptcy of John Q. Hammons in Springfield, Missouri, has exited court.
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Who's the Boss (Editorial)

Everyone knows the reason for a lobbyist's existence: to persuade lawmakers to do what the lobbyist wants him to do. But when lobbyists actually pay lawmakers — well, that's influence of a whole other magnitude. read more >

5 Tips for an Effective Email (Sarah Clements Expert Advice)

Because email has become so popular, it is important to get the most out of your message. Follow these five tips to help construct an effective message. read more >

Ford Joins QGT; Mosby Made Catering Director at Cathead's (Movers & Shakers)

Brittany Ford is the newest associate at Quattlebaum Grooms & Tull in Little Rock. Timothy Mosby is the new catering director at Cathead's Diner. Daniel Weatherly has been promoted to director of security services at Mainstream Technologies. read more >

Arkansas Supreme Court Upholds Revised Voter ID Law

Arkansas' highest court on Thursday upheld a voter ID law that is nearly identical to a restriction struck down by the court four years ago. read more >

20 From White County Indicted in Unemployment Insurance Scheme

Mark King, 53, of Judsonia is described as the ringleader in a scheme that allegedly defrauded the unemployment benefits programs in Arkansas and 15 other states of more than $500,000. read more >

Women Business Owners Find Ways to Deal with Gender Bias

It can be subtle, like failing to make eye contact with a woman business owner but engaging in animated conversation with her male co-owner. Or more blatant, like asking an owner who's seeking investor money if she plans to have children. read more >

Preferred Family Health's Ex-Billing Clerk Charged with Medicaid Fraud

A third former employee with a Missouri-based nonprofit mental health provider has been arrested on state charges of defrauding Arkansas' Medicaid program. read more >

Health Care on Sidelines in Arkansas 2nd District Debate

Attempts to scrap the federal health care law have been the focus of Democrats' efforts to flip a congressional seat in solidly red Arkansas, but the issue was sidelined in the only debate between Rep. French Hill and challenger Clarke Tucker. read more >

Sam McFadin, Businessman and Former CEO of John Daly's Steakhouse, Files for Bankruptcy

Sam McFadin, the former CEO of the John Daly Steakhouse in Conway, estimated his debts and assets were between $1 million and $10 million, according to the Sept. 14 bankruptcy filing. read more >

C.R. Crawford Construction Sues Tulsa Hotelier

Contractor C.R. Crawford Construction LLC of Fayetteville has sued a Tulsa hotelier in Washington County Circuit Court for terminating a $7 million contract. read more >

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