'American Greed', Arkansas DFA Show Interest in John Rogers This article is available only in print.

'American Greed', Arkansas DFA Show Interest in John Rogers

Members of the “American Greed” team recently visited North Little Rock to film locations and conduct interviews as part of an episode focusing on John Rogers.
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Christian Publisher Sued for Defamation This article is available only in print.

A woman filed suit in Benton County Circuit Court against her estranged husband, alleging he defamed her when his lawyer sent a letter to a Wisconsin bank.
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Hindsville Fireworks Owner Files Injunction With a Bang This article is available only in print.

Washington County Circuit Judge Doug Martin appointed a receiver to oversee the accounting for Uncle Sam's Fireworks Inc. of Hindsville after the company's owner filed a lawsuit against the company's president.
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More Legal News

Forward Motion (Editorial)

It's too late to wonder why the MMC didn't use the same time-tested approach used by the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to distribute package store licenses when a county goes wet: set a deadline for applications, determine whether each applicant meets all legal requirements and then draw randomly from among the qualified applicants. read more >

Pulaski, Crittenden Counties Lead State in Adult Day Care Centers This article is available only in print.

Twenty-two adult day care centers are operating in 12 counties of Arkansas. read more >

Arkansas Population 65 and Over Stands at 16 Percent

At 19 percent, Florida, Maine and Montana had the greatest concentration of residents 65-plus. read more >

Attorney Raymon B. Harvey on Questions to Ask Before Your Senior Years

Little Rock lawyer Raymon B. Harvey, who specializes in elder law, emphasizes planning in considering the needs of an aging population. read more >

Diego Quinones to Lead Latino Engagement for Arkansas Democrats (Movers & Shakers)

Diego Quinones has been named state director of Latino engagement for the Democratic Party of Arkansas. read more >

Privacy Rules Put Arkansas In EU's Web

Arkansas companies that are gathering any online information on European Union residents, regardless of whether they have an EU office or EU customers, must comply with the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation or risk massive fines. read more >

CEOs Aren't Talking to Customers (Jim Karrh On Marketing)

Given the truth that CEOs are ultimately responsible for the growth of the enterprise, one detail stands out: “Most of our CEOs were dismayed to discover how little time they spent with their customers — just 3% on average.” read more >

Arkansas Law Firms Awarded $6.5M in Fees from State Farm Suit

Two Arkansas law firms will share an award of $6.5 million in attorneys' fees for representing plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co. It's one of the largest awards in Arkansas in recent memory. read more >

Former Arkansas Judge Sues Over Proposal On Damages

A former Arkansas judge is challenging a ballot measure that would cap damages awarded in lawsuits and would give the Legislature control over court rules in the state. read more >

Arkansas' Solicitor General Resigns to Join Walmart

A top attorney for Arkansas who has represented the state in lawsuits over abortion restrictions, efforts to resume executions and other cases is leaving for a job with Walmart later this month. read more >

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