Former Razorback, His Career Ended by Injury, Sues Insurer This article is available only in print.

Former Razorback, His Career Ended by Injury, Sues Insurer

Former Arkansas Razorback Rawleigh Williams III thought a $1 million sports disability insurance policy would protect him financially if an injury derailed what promised to be a lucrative pro football career.
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First Security Moves Forward Against Lauren James Following Foreclosure Sale This article is available only in print.

Now that the foreclosure sale of Lauren James' merchandise is over, First Security Bank of Searcy wants to move forward and have a judgment placed against the women's clothing company and its owners for defaulting on a loan.
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John Rogers' New Tale: Forgeries Hit $1 Billion

From prison, John Rogers has told one of his victims that the street value of his crimes total almost a billion dollars, a boastful figure in keeping with a blustery scam artist's penchant for ditching the truth for lies and his felonious fondness for big and often inflated numbers.
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John Rogers' Counterfeit Bats Redeemed in Youth Baseball League This article is available only in print.

Among the evidence that came into FBI possession during the John Rogers investigation were two batches of baseball bats bearing forged autographs. read more >

'Triangle' Suit Says Lawyer Had Conflict

An ongoing legal malpractice lawsuit in Pulaski County Circuit Court highlights an issue commonly known as the eternal triangle: the relationship between the insured, the attorney and the insurance company. read more >

Your Duty To Your Employees (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Here's the thing: 401(k) plans managed with care, skill, prudence and diligence are as good for executives, who may be paying fees on higher balances, as for rank-and-file workers, who can't afford an expensive mistake. read more >

Build Trust If You Must, But Also Explore These Other Options This article is available only in print.

Trusts aren't the only devices people can use to pass down their fortunes, modest or massive. While a will leaves finances open to probate, which can be lengthy and costly and is a matter of public record, it is better than having no plan at all. read more >

Life Is Priceless (Tré Kitchens Commentary)

Known as Issue 1 on the ballot, this proposed amendment to our state's Constitution places an arbitrary, one-size-fits-all cap on the damages a jury can award when there has been a loss of life or a limb or some other tragedy. read more >

Scott Pace Named Partner at Impact Management Group

Impact Management Group of Little Rock announced Wednesday that Scott Pace will be joining the firm as a partner, effective Oct. 1. read more >

15 States Side with Nevada in Drugmaker Delay of Execution

Fifteen states are siding with Nevada as it fights drug companies battling the use of their products in an inmate's execution. read more >

Mitchell Williams Law Firm Names COO

Mitchell Williams Selig Gates & Woodyard PLLC announced Monday that Julia Strickland of Little Rock has joined the firm as its COO. read more >

Judge Holmes Tells Little Rock Lawyers to Pay Up

The chief federal judge for the Western District of Arkansas recently ordered two Little Rock lawyers to pay a total of $4,586 in costs and fees related to two of their clients not showing up for depositions. read more >

Cantrell Drug Still Waiting for the FDA

Dell McCarley, the CEO of Cantrell Drug Co., says his company has met all of the FDA's requirements and has been ready for an inspection since July 16. read more >

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